March 2016 Mix


Kurt Vile 1

Albums I was listening to while contemplating how to become Kurt Vile’s personal guitar valet:

  • Future – Purple Reign/EVOL:  Why do rappers always have to go for quantity over quality?  These two projects could have easily been combined to make one album full of nothing but bangers.  Luckily iTunes lets me do for Future what Future should have done for Future.  #Technology.
  • Ty Segall – Emotional Mugger: Dude’s still melting faces and leaving newscasters flabbergasted.
  • Television – Marquee Moon: I missed a lot by listening to nothing but hip-hop til approximately 2001.
  • Curren$y – Carollton Heist: Curren$y + Alchemist = high-quality.

Honorable mention to Tijuana Panthers and Night Beats.  Dishonorable mention to Kanye (maybe instead of continually fucking with an album with 3 good songs, he should focus on making more good songs?).

On to the mix:
1) Ty Segall – Diversion
2) Ty Segall – Mandy Cream
3) Night Beats – Power Child
4) Tijuana Panthers – Foolish
5) Television – Elevation
6) Tijuana Panthers – I Hate Saturday Nights
7) Television – Marquee Moon
8) Boone – Pop a Perc
9) Future – Perkys Calling
10) Future – Xanny Family
11) Future – Run Up
12) Future – Lil Haiti Baby
13) Milano – 38 Snub-Nose
14) Freddie Gibbs – Cocaine Parties in L.A.
15) Isaiah Rashad – Smile
16) Kanye West – Real Friends (ft. Ty Dolla $ign)
17) Curren$y – Inspiration feat Action Bronson
18) Mr. Lif – Whizdom (feat. Blacastan)
19) Curren$y – Mallory Knox (DatPiff Exclusive)
20) Your Old Droog – 42 (FORTY DEUCE)
21) Tate Kobang – Bank Rolls (Remix)

One response to “March 2016 Mix

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