February/March Mix


Photo Mar 28, 2013, 8-11 AM

Look who it is, sliding in late, like a defensive midfielder trying to play soccer in a blizzard.  I’m doing another one.  Enjoy these while they last.

Good albums this month:

On to the mix:

1) Homeboy Sandman – Coral Reefs
I can’t hear the words “coral reef” without having flashbacks to my junior year high school health class when they showed us a slideshow of STDs. Word to genital warts.

2) $amhill – Verses
Not big on hooks. Word to Shaq & RZA.

3) Curren$y – Mary
Spoiler alert, this song is about weed, not about an actual girl named Mary. Word to M. Night Shyamalan.

4) Heliocentrics – Wrecking Ball
No tricks here. This song is totally about wrecking balls. Word to Scott Dann.

5) Foxygen – No Destruction
Honorable mention this month to Foxygen’s We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic. Very promising debut. Word to sounding a lot like Mick Jagger on this song.

6) Thee Oh Sees – Minotaur
Floating Coffin drops 4/16. Word to getting high and listening to music four days later.

7) Roy Junior – Victim Of Circumstance
“I was raised on knuckle sandwiches, in an alley crib” is about as good as opening lines get. Word to punching babies in the face.

8) Parquet Courts – Stoned and Starving
Favorite song of the month. Word to this hungry little fella.

9) Airstrip – Pleasure Center
Word to my little corner of NC having a great music scene.

10) Foxygen – We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic
Word to the 20th century ambassador of peace and magic.

11) Parquet Courts – Yonder is Closer to the Heart

12) Legends – I`ll Come Again

Word to the Hedgehog.

13) Rats – Rats Revenge
Are these guys throwing out 60s gang threats? Word to pre-dating Bangin’ on Wax by 30 years.

14) Toro y Moi – High Living
Sounds like what would happen if DJ Screw got his hands on those Flashback comps.

15) Courtney John – Every Way
Word to guys who can sing keeping roots reggae alive.

16) Pusha T – Take My Life (Feat. Andrea Martin)
I love reggae-influenced hip-hop beats, but it’s always a sad reminder that a young Nordy once blew 8 hard-earned dollars on this.

17) Young Thug – Foreign (ft. Hellacoppa)
Young Thug = Future with a sense of humor?

18) Jeremih – All The TIme Feat. Lil Wayne & Natasha Mosley
Posted despite the Weezy verse.

19) Pusha T – Trust You (Feat. Kevin Gates)
Kevin Gates = Future with a smaller appearance fee?

20) Freeband Gang – Karate Chop (Future & Casino)
Future = Future

21) Gucci Mane – Servin
It’s Guwop!

Tame Impala

One response to “February/March Mix

  1. I went to school with Jeannie in a Anson,Texas. she was a sweet girl I went to tell godbyoe when her and Mickey left Tex.I followed her success and life happenings for years ..I wish i knew where she is now I would like to contact her I have read her book 3 times I am so glad she was able to find her to the LORD GOD BLESS Diann Allen Ferguson

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