January 2013 Mix

Download the entire January 2013 Mix here

Ty segall

I feel like I’ve been sitting on this one forever. Just haven’t had the time to post. And you know what…this shit is NOT worth the wait! Possibly the shittiest collection of songs since I started doing this thing. Unless you really like the hip-hop stuff I post, don’t bother. This month ain’t for you.

Albums I liked this month:

  • Riff Raff – Hologram Panda: Are you fucking kidding me?  The only album I liked this month was motherfucking Riff Raff?  Fuck you, January 2013!

On to the mix. Next mix will be posted at the end of March.

1) D Prosper – Atom Anthem (ft. Jay Electronica)
Rare Electronica verses.

2) Meyhem Lauren – Burgundy Guess Jeans [prod. by ATG]
The best track from the best-named (but mostly mediocre) mixtape of the year, Mandatory Brunch Meetings. Best title I heard until Byron Crawford decided to name his new book Infinite Crab Meats.

3) Action Bronson – Drugs & Cheese On A Roll
Bbbbbboooonnuuuussssssss tracks!

4) Truck North – Capital Crime feat Black Thought & Asher Roth
Does Asher Roth kind of kill his verse? I guess he’s on that kill-a-guest-verse-but-his-flow-would-be-annoying-over-a-whole-album-type steez.

5) Riff Raff – Peppermint Tint
Rap game Chevy Chase.

6) P-Lo feat HBK Skipper – Want it All (Prod. P-Lo of The Invasion)
This P-Lo cat is on his DJ Burn One shit. Need to keep an eye on this kid.

7) Starlito – Sober Kick Boxing [Prod. By Malay]
No other rapper could have made this song.

8) Young Thug – Keep In Touch
No other rapper could have made this song, either. I could listen to this chorus all day.

9) Jeremih – 773 Love
Mike Will taking over R&B.

10) Riff Raff – Chargers (Prod. SK The Hit Man]
Ballin’ so hard coulda played for the Chargers.

11) A$AP Rocky – F__kin’ Problems feat. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar
Radio hit of the month.

12) Wale – The One Eye Kitten Song (ft. Travis Parker)
Should-be radio hit of next month (even though Wale is annoying)?

13) Young Jeezy – RIP ft. 2 Chainz
Jeezy and Titty Boi rip a beat the really was meant for Too $hort and 40 Water.

14) Grimes – Genesis
To me, Grimes is bootleg Purity Ring. To Pitchfork, Purity Ring is bootleg Grimes.

15) DJ Sega – Horny Women
16) DJ Booman – Hydro Ghetto
17) DJ Booman – Guncock

Props to the Baltimore Ravens.

18) Courtney John & Ticklah – Born To Fly

19) Major Lazer – Get Free (Original Mix)
Best song of 2012 that I somehow didn’t listen to until 2013.

20) Jim James – All Is Forgiven
I love Jim James, but his album didn’t quite do it for me.

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