December 2012 Mix


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Skee Ball2

Good albums this month:

  • Action Brosnon – Rare Chandeliers: If, for nothing else, having the best cover art of the year.
  • Roc Marciano – Reloaded: The hip-hop soundtrack to the rest of your winter.
  • Clinic – Free Reign: Sort of like Spoon or the Sea and Cake, Clinic a) have a distinctive sound of their own, b) never stray too far from what they do best, and c) always satisfy.

Honorable mentions go to The Golden Boys’ Dirty Fingernails (throw it on during your next tailgate) and Mouse on the Track’s Millionaire Dreamzzz (throw it on during your next trip to a black strip club) and Menahan Street Band’s The Crossing (throw it on during your next dinner party).

Good songs this month:

1) Clinic – Seesaw
Slightly increased menace and aggression from 2010’s Bubblegum.

2) Terry Malts – I Do
Had gotten their CD at a show several months ago…forgot I bought it…found it…listened…it’s OK.

3) Clinic – King Kong
After Radiohead, are these guys the best English band I care the most about right now? Probably, just edging out Spiritualized.

4) Mac DeMarco – Me and Mine
Since I absolutely love 2, I decided to check out Mac DeMarco’s other 2012 release, Rock and Roll Night Club. Unfortunately, this is probably the only song that approaches the quality of stuff on 2.

5) The Golden Boys – Curtains
For fans of Reigning Sound, Spider Bags, and chasing your beer with a shot of whiskey.

6) Brothers of Soul – Wait For Me
As we transition out of the golden age of obscure music blogs, “new” gems like this are becoming increasingly rare. Luckily Oliver Wang is still on his grind.

7) Jet Life – Too High (Feat. Trademark Da Skydiver, Young Roddy & CornerBoy P)
Yes, they’re still rapping about weed over smooth-ass beats #iaintmad

8) Lil Reese – Haters
Maybe Lil’ Reese has haters because he beats women and killed Lil JoJo. Um, definitely don’t pay money for his shit.

9) Chief Keef – Love Sosa
Bound to be a bigger hit than “I Don’t Like”?

10) Trinidad Jame$ – All Gold Everything

11) Future – Same Damn Time
Shouts to Donnell Rawlings for opening his set with a riff on this song.

12) Waka Flocka Flame – Hard in da Paint (Purple Bastard Remix)

13) Menahan Street Band – Three Faces
2012’s best use of hand claps.

14) Hollie Cook – Cry Feat. Horseman (Disco Mix)
A 4-minute escape from the cold.

15) Roc Marciano – Peru
Best producer on the mic? He gets plenty of plaudits for his rapping, but this might be the illest beat I’ve heard all year.

16) Action Bronson – Modern Day Revelations feat Roc Marciano
“I’m Jean Claude Van Damme and you the challenger”

17) Captain Murphy – Immaculation Ft. Azizi Gibson and Jeremiah Jae
FlyLo gets his Quasimoto on.

18) $amhill – Changed Man
I’m quickly becoming a big fan.

19) Action Bronson – The Symbol
Video of the year:

20) French Montana – State Of Mind (prod. Harry Fraud)
2012, the year of the Fraud.

21) Mystikal – Hit Me
Ain’t nothing that Son of Bazerk wasn’t doing in 1991. Unfortunately, Son of Bazerk hasn’t done it since 91, so I’m glad Mysitkal stepped to fill the void.

22) Mouse On Tha Track – Too Much (Feat. LRG & Q-Red)
If I actually partied on NYE (or any other night, for that matter) this would have been my theme song.

2 responses to “December 2012 Mix

  1. Pardon but in the I don’t give a fuck’ spirit of the vid.. This. Is. A. RADIOCLASH (on pairte satellite).Sly Stone, homeless and living out of a camper van on Crenshaw Blvd (a hunnid million stories in the naked city, right?!) And YOU got me locked down in this Cold, Cold World Eric B & Rakim up for induction into the Rock&Roll hall of fame .’crickets’ from the rap blog/vlogs!?!? SAY WORD!?

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