November 2012 Mix


Notre Dame

Felt like I did pretty much nothing but travel this month.  Luckily, there were some ridiculously good albums to keep me sane for the journeys.  Each of these are among my favorites for the year:

  • Mac DeMarco – 2: An album that’s casually great.
  • Ty Segall – Twins: I had lowered my expectations after being underwhelmed with his other 2012 releases, Hair and Slaughterhouse.  I had no reason to worry, as Twins is right up there with Melted, Lemons, and Goodbye Bread.
  • Tame Impala – LonerismA psych-rock masterpiece.  Possibly the best album of the year.
  • Purity Ring – Shrines: Much poppier than most stuff I go for, but Corin Roddick’s production work is undeniable.  Any rapper desiring some whiteboy blog buzz needs to jack these instrumentals for his next mixtape.

Honorable mention goes to Sean Price’s Mic Tyson.  

On to the mix:

1) Scorpio And His People – The Unforgiven
One of the all-time hardest, funkiest intros to a song (rest of the song is pretty damn good, too).

2) J-Zone – The Drug Song Remix
Speaking of funky. One of my all-time favorites makes a return, this time blending his production work with some live drums. Dude’s also a great author.

3) Peedi Crakk – This the Shit (ft. Redman)
Two dudes who (still) make rap fun.

4) Curren$y – Talk My Shit
A big month for songs about shit.

5) Sean Price – Remember (feat. Freddie Gibbs)
“When I was 12 I killed the lion / been ill but on the real you should chill with the lyin’ / Making up stuff, the stuff I make up is so tough / Don’t believe you but believe the n***a fuckin’ you up”

6) Earl Sweatshirt – Chum
Sounds a lot like the only other Earl Sweatshirt song I’ve ever given a shit about.

7) Mac Demarco – Sherril
That little guitar lick on the chorus is so damn good.

8) Vex Ruffin – Same Thing Tomorrow
Somehow I missed that Stones Throw signed a rock act (or as Vex Ruffin likes to call it, “minimalist punk”).

9) Tame Impala – Feels Like We Only Go Backwards
Now that’s a chorus! Bust out your lighters and kiss your girl.

10) Ty Segall – Would You Be My Love
The part after the guitar solo with the bass drum.

11) Mac Demarco – Annie
I love that his guitar is tuned just like all the West African pop music from those Flashback comps. Of course, this is darker and weirder.

12) Purity Ring – Lofticries
It’s not just the beats. Purity Ring can also write songs.

13) Main Attrakionz – Cloud Body (Produced by Grown Folk)
Maybe Main Attrakionz will be first to rhyme over Purity Ring beats. Grown Folk is certainly providing them with a reasonable facsimile here.

14) Curren$y – Payroll ft. Young Roddy
I’m finally willing to declare that 2012 was Harry Fraud’s year.

15) A$AP Mob – Thuggin’ Noise (Feat. A$AP Rocky) [Prod. By Silky Johnson]
The Mob album mostly sucked, but I’m still looking forward to some new Rocky.

16) Smoke DZA – JFK
One of the dirtiest beats I’ve ever heard. It’s rare that a beat this slow can make you want to punch a random dude in the face.

17) Gucci Mane – Shooter (feat Young Scooter, Yung Fresh)
I’m going to dress as Gucci Mane’s face tattoo for Halloween next year.

18) akaFrank – Racist (My Dick Ain’t)
Even if this wasn’t a hilarious song, it probably would have made the Mix on song title alone.

19) Angel Haze – Werkin’ Girls
Enjoy it now before some dumb record exec tells her it’s a good idea to start rapping in cartoon voices next year.

20) Kendrick Lamar – m.A.A.d city (feat. MC Eiht)
The closest thing to a good song on this wildly overrated album. Just because a song is long and has a topic does not mean that it’s great.

21) Sean Price – Bar Barian
Alchemist has sure been getting around a lot lately. I ain’t mad.

22) Ty Segall – Handglams
I’m ready to have my face melted when he plays this at Kings on 1/30.

23) Tame Impala – Mind Mischief
My favorite song of the month.

24) Ty Segall – You’re The Doctor
As seen on Letterman.

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