Augst / September 2012 Mix


Thee Oh Sees at Hopscotch, courtesy of Ross Grady

Oops. Missed a month. Laptop was broken and my motivation vanished. But I’m back. Here’s what I was listening to when I wasn’t blogging:

  • Michael Kiwanuka – Home Again: I can’t believe I hadn’t realized this album dropped back in May.  Here’s your new soundtrack to Sunday mornings.
  • The Gun Club – Fire of Love: I loved Japandroids’ cover of “For the Love of Ivy” so much that I decided to go check out the original 1981 album.  It’s good.
  • Spider Bags – Shake My Head: An already great band, getting better and better with each album.
  • The Intelligence – Everybody’s Got It Easy But Me: Smart and smart-assed.  Looking forward to seeing these guys at Duke Coffeehouse in a couple of weeks.
  • Cat Power – Sun: Not that they’re in a competition, but Cat Power > Feist.
  • Magic Trick – Ruler of the Night: I don’t normally like depressing break-up albums, but in this case I’ll make an exception.
  • The Antlers – Undersea EP: Like Magic Trick, much slower and sadder sounding than I normally go for.  Not sure why I’m gravitating towards this sad shit…life’s good!
  • Antibalas – Antibalas: I don’t know where you live, but in North Carolina, we’ve still got a few weekends left for some cookouts.  Play this album and pretend that it’s still summer, and that we’re not mere weeks away from the depressing day when we arbitrarily move the clock back an hour so it gets dark at fucking 2 in the afternoon.

Honorable mentions go to King Tuff and Domo Genesis.

On to the mix!

1) Michael Kiwanuka – Home Again
The fact that this guy isn’t a superstar is the surest sign that the music industry deserves to die.

2) The Love Language – I Will Run After You
This song sounds like dogshit compared to their new songs I’ve heard live, and this song (a Frank Black cover) sounds fucking great.

3) The Gun Club – Goodbye Johnny
Who can put me on to other 80s shit like this?

4) The Young – Plunging Rollers
Another good what I like to call “drinking wine on the porch” album, that’s probably worth an honorable mention, too.

5) Spider Bags – Standing On A Curb
A whiskey-soaked party song for your next whiskey-soaked party.

6) King Tuff – Bad Thing
If you like the Smith Westerns, you should give these guys (this guy?) a chance.

7) The Intelligence – Hippy Provider

8) Spider Bags – The Moon is a Schoolgirl
There’s a good reason why Patrick Stickles alls them the greatest band in the world.

9) Gangrene – Dirt (ft. Roc Marciano)
Gangrene + Roc Marcie = appearance on a monthly mix

10) Domo Genesis – Power Ballad Feat. Smoke DZA
A song that easily could have fit on any Gangrene album.

11) Lil B – Obama BasedGod
Thank You Based God Crying Obama

12) Action Bronson – Midget Cough
2012, the Year of Action Bronson

13) $amhill – $am I Am (Remix)
This song’s a good reminder that I haven’t been checking enough.

14) Homeboy Sandman – Watchu Want From Me?
The most inventive rapper right now. I’m very much looking forward to hearing the rest of First of a Living Breed.

15) Cat Power – Manhattan
A song about the cocktail I’m currently drinking?

16) Magic Trick – Angel Dust
Last month I said “No One Ever Sleeps” was the perfect lullaby. Maybe I was wrong?

17) The Antlers – Drift Dive
Last song I implied that “Angel Dust” was the perfect lullaby. Maybe I was wrong?

18) Magic Trick – Torture
If there was one song that burrowed its way into my head this month, this is that song.

19) Cat Power – Nothin But Time
I don’t normally like 11-minute songs, but this one could go twice as long and I think I’d still be cool with it.

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