July 2012 Mix


I didn’t forget.  I was just doing things like travelling to Sri Lanka (see above) and watching the Olympics.  You thought I shut things down?  Like Lolo Jones, I just thought I’d take my time with it.

Actually, the wait probably wasn’t worth it.  This is maybe the least diverse monthly mix of all time.  Hope you like hip-hop and old reggae (word to Usain Bolt).  Because that’s what I listened to this last month.

  • Smoke DZA – Rugby Thompson / Mayem Lauren – Respect the Fly Shit / Curren$y – Cigarette Boats EP: I put my three favorite releases on one line, because they’re all pretty much the same album.  July 2012, the month of Harry Fraud and Thirstin Howl III guest verses.

Honorable mentions to Joey Bada$$ and Troy Ave.  On to the mix:

1) Meyhem Lauren – Grown Man Palettes ft: Sean Price
“type to tote the glock and use gats / you the type to vote Barack because dude’s black / and I don’t give a fuck about a color / 8 baby mothers give a fuck about a rubber” P!

2) Smoke DZA – Kenny Powers

3) Curren$y – Mirrors (Feat. Smoke Dza)
It’s like taking a warm bubble bath with your ears.

4) Homeboy Sandman – Rated Ours
Not my favorite rapper right now, but definitely the most interesting rapper right now.

5) Yabby You – Run Come Rally
Is this the song that started Jamaicans on running?

6) Creation Rebel – The dope
Something tells me that dope certainly predates this piece of dub madness.

7) Antibalas – Dirty Money 45 EDIT
The world’s greatest Broadway house band is back.

8) Junior Delahaye – Love
Anyone remember the interlude after Lauren Hill’s “Lost Ones” where the teacher asks his students for song titles of songs about love, and the kid goes, “Love”? Maybe he was a big Junior Delahaye fan? Fuck Kirk Franklin.

9) Bim Sherman – Golden Locks
We need more guys named Bim in this world.

10) Troy Ave – Merlot Part Deux (Feat. Fabolous & Mila Brown)
Street dudes rocking over Quasimoto loops. Madlib stays a good decade ahead of everyone else.

11) G-Side – D.Wade (ft. Kristmas & Bentley)
Still pissed that the Hopscotch schedule is making me choose between G-Side and Thee Oh Sees.

12) Inkrowd – Anything
Beat reminds me somewhat of Kia Shine’s “Krispy”. Speaking of which, whatever happened to that dude?

13) Mata – Still Bout It
I can’t find production credits on this one. It’s either a typically great and epic Block Beattaz production, or the best Block Beattaz imitation I’ve ever heard.

14) King Mez – The Town
The NC rapper who Jay-Z should have signed instead of boring-ass J. Cole.

15) Smoke DZA – New Jack
DZA sounds like he’s knocking down buildings on this one.

16) Meyhem Lauren – Peace Dad
Who used this sample first? I TOTALLY SHOULD KNOW AND IT’S KILLING ME.

17) Freddie Gibbs – Terrorist
A dude rapping his ass off over a classic loop. That’s all I want, hip-hop. This shit ain’t rocket science.

18) Joey Bada$$ – Waves
It’s going to be fun watching this promising 17-year old develop.

19) J Dilla – Detroit Game With Chuck Inglish and Boldy James
Ill bass.

20) Freddie Gibbs – Deep
Enough with the EPs…we need a full-length album from these guys.

21) House Shoes – Nails (ft. Quelle Chris & Guilty Simpson)
This song sounds like the prelude to a riot.

22) Ty Segall Band – I Bought My Eyes
I haven’t really loved either of Ty Segall’s 2012 releases. But both have had their moments.

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