June 2012 Mix


What an incredible month for music.  Here’s what I was listening to while I was working way too much and painting my house.

  • Killer Mike – R.A.P. Music: The best hip-hop album in a very very long time.  Well, at least the best since Cancer 4 Cure.
  • The Walkmen – Heaven: They just keep making beautiful music.
  • The Feeling of Love – Dissolve Me: Last month, I posted a song by The Feeling of Love, admitting that I knew nothing about them.  This month, I learned about them, and they are French and very good.
  • Oddisee – People Hear What They See: For those who think the last great hip-hop album was “Midnight Marauders”.
  • Liars – WIXIW: So psyched that these weirdos will be at Hopscotch.
  • Japandroids – Celebration Rock: If you liked Post-Nothing (like you’re supposed to), then you’ll love Celebration Rock.
  • Moonhearts – Moonhearts: Mikal Cronin’s 2010 shit.
  • Curren$y – The Stoned ImmaculateHasn’t seemed to generate much buzz.  Maybe people are just getting overwhelmed with the sheer volume of Curren$y releases.  But the Stoned Immaculate stands toe-to-toe with both the Pilot Talk releases.

On to the mix:

1) Oddisee – Think Of Things
Dude deserves at least a mention in your next “best producer on the mic” debate.

2) Fluent – Wild and Free (feat. Median & Kaze)
You know it’s NC hip-hop when someone says “like a horse on the beach, boy, wild and free.”

3) SL Jones – S.L.A.B.
SL Jones gets his A$AP Rocky on over this incredibly lush DJ Burn One beat.

4) Curren$y – Chasin’ Papers (Feat. Pharrell)
Man, I had forgotten how happy it makes me to hear Pharrell on the hook like it’s 2002 or something.

5) Oddisee – Ready To Rock
I’m a sucker for that double-time shit over production best described as “lush”.

6) Japandroids – The House That Heaven Built
Elements of a typeically great Japandroids song:

  • fist-pumping bass drum: check
  • energetic tempo: check
  • loud guitars: check
  • triumphantly awesome sing-along chorus: check plus

7) Moonhearts – Love Is Gone
This is from 2010, but it’s new to me (and probably new to you).

8) The Feeling of Love – You’re Better Than a Dog Detective
The obvious winner for “best song title”.

9) Liars – Flood To Flood
The sound of simmering paranoia.

10) Japandroids – For the Love of Ivy
The least “Japandroids-y” sounding song on Celebration Rock.  Oh, maybe it’s because it’s a cover.

11) The Feeling Of Love – Dissolve Me
That fuzzy organ makes me happy.

12) Liars – Brats
I don’t know what this song is about, but I like to pretend it’s about delicious German sausages.

13) Baauer – Yaow!
Baauer needs to remove the vocal samples, and send this beat over to Peedi Crakk.

14) Oh No – Whoop Ass feat. Sticky Fingaz

15) Killer Mike – Jo Jos Chillin
The Greatest Rapper Alive shows he’s got his story telling game on point.

16) Troy Ave – Cokeamania
Some NY street shit.

17) Cousin Fik – Knocka Nigga Down (Prod. by Thizzy Monster)
Fik clearly has fun being better at rapping than pretty much everyone else.

18) Killer Mike – Go
Killer Mike has fun being better at rapping than absolutely everyone else.

19) Curren$y – Armoire (Feat. Young Roddy & Trademark)
Reminds me of some old King Geedorah shit.

20) Ab-Soul – The Book Of Soul
Some true blues music. I’ve gotta admit, “my allergies acted up a bit” first time I listened to this one.

21) The Walkmen – No One Ever Sleeps
The perfect lullaby.

22) Moonhearts – Shine
I like this song (sorry, getting tired of writing shit).

23) The Walkmen – The Witch
This song is very good, too.

2 responses to “June 2012 Mix

  1. Did you list the Japandroids to spite me, because I missed a chance to see them at the Bowery Ballroom whilst in NYC? So hurtful.

  2. My blogging has been entirely spite-based for years.

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