January 2012 Mix


Ahh, January 2012.  I’m sure we’ll always look back at January as the month we all started working for DONDA, and there was a Republican debate on our TV every night.  It was also 70 degrees all month, which would have been nice if I hadn’t spent the entire month terrified of what this weather means for July and August (#swampass).

Luckily, there’s always music to keep me somewhat sane. Here’s what I was listening to:

  • Quelle Chris – Shotgun & Sleek Rifle:  Detroit’s MF Doom.
  • Common – The Dreamer/The Believer:  When I saw the album title, I assumed it was going to be the next step along Common’s descent into further cheesiness.  I was wrong. He’s back.

On to the mix:

1) The Strange Boys – Me and You
Not enough bands out there can make the piano rock.

2) Terry Malts – Tumble Down
San Francisco’s garage rock scene continues to dominate the world.

3) G-Side – Trip
Huntsville’s hip-hop scene continues to dominate the world. G-Side can do absolutely no wrong right now.

4) iNDEED – SippN (ft. LE$)
The most inventive rap song I’ve heard in a while. Will 2012 be the year of DJ Burn One pt. 2?

5) Johny Draper – Street Dream
Don’t know anything about this dude, but cool little beat.

6) Benny Sings – One II (Bonus Track)
The Zach Galifianakis of dudes who sound like Chromeo.

7) Amy Winehouse – Between The Cheats
Goddammit, we should have been getting songs like this for the next 30 fucking years.

8) Howard Tate – Shoot ‘Em All Down
Another talent we recently lost. RIP.

9) Willie Colon – Calle Luna Calle Sol
You know I’ve been on my Willie Colon and Hector Lavoe these past few months. Still on it.

10) Orchestre Du Bawobab – Kelen Ati Len
If I had a time machine, I’d go back to early 70s West Africa, and just hang out at clubs (and pray that 70s West Africans wouldn’t harm a fat white guy from the future).

11) Lee Fields – You’re The Kind Of Girl
New Lee Fields is a good sign that 2012 won’t suck.

12) G-Mane – Anutha Run
Holy shit, I need a whole album of G-Mane on his Nate Dogg shit. Fucking love this!

13) Meyhem Lauren – Pardon, You’ve Been on My Mind (ft. Jay Steele & Action Bronson)
Cheap nostalgia play, but fuck it, it works.

14) Quelle Chris – Shotgun feat. Danny Brown & Roc Marciano
Featuring Danny Brown & Roc Marciano = featuring on one of Nordy’s monthly mixes.

15) Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire – Killah Tofu ft. Danny Brown
Your soundtrack to throwing chairs through plate glass windows.

16) Waka Flocka Flame – Bickin Back Bein Bool (Feat. Slim Dunkin & Wooh Da Kid)
Listen to this song once, and you’ll find yourself randomly walking down the street singing the hook for the rest of your life. RIP, Dunk.

17) Common – Ghetto Dreams (feat. Nas)
I’m glad Common finally realized he never should have strayed from No ID.

18) The Kid Daytona – LOW
I didn’t like the Interlude II as much as the first installment, but Daytona is still a rapper worth checking out for.

19) Fat Pimp – Work (Feat. Paul C)

20) The Wurxs – No Ordinary (ft. Peedi Crakk)
If they’re working with Black Thought, you know they can rap.

21) Douster – Pop That Bubble
Music is crazy. This is one of the few songs on my jogging playlist that not only makes me run faster, but it puts a smile on my face.

22) Heartbreak & JWLS – Pimping
Is Diplo really fucking with a dude from Charlotte?

One response to “January 2012 Mix

  1. Awww, shucks! Thanks for mieniotnng me. I can definitely see why fresh red coat would make a guy like that overly eager. Gosh I love fire hydrants; they are just too cool!

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