November 2011 Mix


Late again…a busy end of the month, mostly spent eating my face off. Was travelling for work this past weekend, and caught a Dam-Funk show, however. He exceeded all expectations. Another guy who exceeded expectations was Bloodshot Bill, aka King Khan’s new partner in crime as the Tandoori Knights.

Oh yeah…albums I liked:

Honorable mentions go to MED, Fat Joe, and Sir Michael Rocks.

On to the mix.

1) G-Side – Hot Sex and Cold Wine (feat. Johnny Spanish)
I’m thankful that the stuff that didn’t make G-Side’s album is better than everyone else’s shit.

2) A$AP Rocky – Trilla (Feat. ASAP Twelvy & ASAP Nast)
While I’m not convinced on A$AP Rocky as a rapper, I’m thankful for his ear for beats and ability to put an album together.

3) Danny Brown & Black Milk – Dada
I’m thankful for Danny Brown giving me phrases to sprinkle into my every-day conversations: “Tell my why your breath smells like a burning bag of bad cock.”

4) MED – Blaxican
I’m thankful for Madlib beats that can make the most average rapper sound amazing (but probably not nearly as thankful as MED is).

5) Danny Brown & Black Milk – Lol
“Put my dick on her nose, now she look like Pippen.” I’m thankful for Danny Brown’s endless quotables.

6) Cliff Nobles – Love Is All Right
I’m thankful that songs that I thought were already on my iPod sometimes get reposted by blogs I read.

7) De La Soul – Breakadawn (Fela Soul Remix)
I’m thankful that copyright laws aren’t always enforced to the letter of the law, giving us things like remixes of De La Soul over nothing but beats concocted from Fela samples, and these great t-shirts.

8) Mayer Hawthorne – Dreaming
While I was slightly disappointed in Mayer’s latest album, I’m thankful I can give it some more listens before passing final judgment.

9) Michael Kiwanuka – Worry Walks Beside Me
I’m thankful that Michael Kiwanuka continues to absolutely blow me away. ¬†Discovering new music like this is what keeps me doing these things (almost) every month.

10) G-Side – Miss Me
Again, I’m thankful that G-Side or so talented that they can pump out such an amazing songs not even on iSLAND?

11) A$AP Rocky – Kissin’ Pink (Feat. ASAP Ferg)
I’m thankful for problems like struggling to determine whether to include this song or “Houston Old Head.”

12) Jackie Chain – Parked Outside (ft. Big K.R.I.T. & Bun B)
I’m thankful that this video exists.

13) Ludacris – I’m on Fire (ft. Big K.R.I.T.)
I’m thankful that potentially commercially-viable rappers (see also, The Roots) tapping Big K.R.I.T. for guest verses.

14) Rick Ross – I Love My Bitches
I’m thankful that potentially dead rappers tapping Just Blaze for good beats.

15) Fat Joe – DopeMan ft Jadakiss, Dre
I’m thankful for once-wack rappers who are no longer wack.

16) No Face (ft. 2 Live Crew) – Fake Hair Wearin’ Bitch
I’m thankful that Luke beat Tipper.

17) Sir Michael Rocks – I’m Doggin’
Anyone else thankful that Sir Michael Rocks has been pumping out a shedload of super-breezy cool-guy rap songs this year (and the occiasional throwback knocker, like this one)? He seems to be flying under the radar.

18) Joeski Love – Pee Wee Dance
I’m not at all thankful for the severe drop-off in the quality of novelty dance songs over the years. Joeski Love > Soulja Boy.

19) Personal and the Pizzas – I Can Read
I’m almost as thankful for the interludes to the songs on Personal and the Pizzas albums, as I am for the actual music.

20) PUJOL – Scully
I’m thankful for the times when I go to a show (in this case, Ted Leo & the Pharmacists) and there’s an opener I’ve never heard of who really impresses me.

21) Fungi Girls – Doldrums
I’m thankful that I’m still not sick of the seemingly endless number of grage rock bands out there.

22) Real Estate – Younger Than Yesterday
And I’m also thankful for mellow stuff that sounds great when you’re hanging out drinking wine with your wife (though I’m much more thankful for wine and the woman who for some reason likes to hang out with me).

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