September/October Double Mix


It’s been a long time. I shouldn’t have left you.

Sorry. Sometimes doing things gets in the way of not doing things. I won’t bore you with a recap of my life, but I will say that those of you who failed to make it to Raleigh for the Hopscotch Music Festival failed at September. So much fun.

So what albums hit me these past two months?

Lots of albums that were pretty good, but not great. Honorable mentions to Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Curren$y, Smoke DZA, Median, J-Live, and Jack Oblivian.

On to your double-strength mix:

1) Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire – Huzzah!
“What’s your gimmick? I said ‘goin in'”

2) Nickel Plated – Raped & Smothered (Ft. Action Bronson)
Bronsolini sounds good over some more ominous head-knock shit. Sounds like he’s toned down the GFK and found his own voice.

3) Roc Marciano – My Persona
Speaking of head-knock shit, here’s the reigning king.

4) El-P – Drones Over BKLYN
Everyone praises El for his production (deserved), but don’t forget dude can rap his ass off.

5) Wooden Shjips – Lazy Bones
Wooohhh…those guitars are unrelenting. This is the type of song that has you all the sudden doing 90 down the highway without realizing it.

6) Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin – Pop Song
And this is the type of song that has you crushing a six-pack in a 2-minute span without realizing it.

7) Gross Ghost – Devious
How many good bands can you fit into one city (Raleigh)?

8) Mikal Cronin – Apathy
If you like Ty Segall, you’ll like Mikal Cronin. If you don’t like Ty Segall (or Mikal Cronin) get off my blog (word to Milk D).

9) Male Bonding – Mysteries Complete
I really liked the first Male Bonding album better. This new one teeters on the edge of what I think Blink 182 probably sounded like.

10) Ty Segall – Bullet Proof Nothing
I love that these punk dudes have incredible singles that I knew nothing about.

11) Apache Dropout – Nothing In My Hand
A band who was at Hopscotch who I didn’t get to see, but who I wish I had gotten to see.

12) Michael Kiwanuka – I Need Your Company
My favorite discovery of the month(s). A new soul singer from England on that Charles Bradley/Lee Fields tip.

13) Antibalas – Rat Race
My theme music for the month(s). Shouts to those at Occupy Raleigh and the worldwide Occupy movement.

14) Blu – Ronald Morgan (ft. Edan)
Normally, Blu rapping over an old Madlib beat probably wouldn’t make it to a mix. But the reclusive Edan rapping over an old Madlib beat…that’s automatic! I remain forever waiting for Edan’s follow-up to Beauty and the Beat.

15) Danny Brown – DNA
I like this song, but, let’s be honest, I can’t really relate to it.  If I were honestly to remake this song about my family influences, it’d go “It’s in my DNA, cause my pops like to do crosswords the same way.”

16) Mouce – My Shoes
The year of DJ Burn One continues.

17) P Watts – Purple Thoughts ft. KD, Scotty & P. Dukes
The year of DJ Burn One continues.

18) Scotty – Husslin
The year of DJ Burn One continues.

19) Dam Funk – Foerever
Real talk, lots of the stuff Dam Funk has been dropping recently has sounded pretty half-baked. This song has restored my faith.

20) Terius Nash – Long Gone
The 2011 version of Here, My Dear.

21) Aaliyah – Rock the Boat (Dam-Funk Remix)
Dam should remix the entire catalog of every 90s R&B singer.

22) Toro Y Moi – I Can Get Love
Oh, hey…these guys were at Hopscotch and it was fun as shit (much more fun than at Pitchfork since their music is made for clubs at night rather than mid-afternoon in a scorching-hot city park).

23) Peedi Crack – Toyfriend
If Peedi made an entire album with Diplo and Booman and DJ Sega, I’d be a happy man.

24) Maluca and The Partysquad – Lola (Ging Danga)
MIA is dead, long live Maluca.

25) Main Attrakionz – U.G.K. f/ A$AP Rocky
I’m starting to come around to whatever label has been put on this sub-genre/scene.

26) Waka Flocka – Round Of Applause
Waka does his own Main Attrakionz impression here.

27) Buddy – Awesome Awesome
The newest Neptunes protege.

28) Roach Gigz – F A Chorus
Rappitty rappitty rap.

29) Boss Hogg Outlawz – Shut Yo Hood Down (Le$, Dre Day, Slim Thug)
Am I the only guy still checking for these guys? The only Houston guys I ever see getting blog-love are Z-Ro and Killa Kyleon.  I guess Slim Thug is no longer blog-cool, even though he keeps putting out good music.

30) Smoke DZA – Notorious Feat. Fiend, & Big Sant
I like Smoke DZA, but Fiend (as he’s been known to do) steals it.  I will have Fiend singing on the hook on every song on my debut album.

31) Big K.R.I.T. – Money On The Floor (feat. 2 Chainz, 8Ball & MJG)
I don’t know why Tity Boi changed his name to the much less exciting 2 Chainz.

32) Black Trump – Sippin (ft. Z-Ro & Ronnie Spencer)
Fuck it, I’ll drink some syrup with anyone who can get me some, as long as I get to provide the soundtrack.

33) S.L.A.S.H. – Hurry Up Wait
Hadn’t heard much from the Slow Motion crew since January. Oh yeah, their beats are still incredible.

34) G-Side – Gettin It (ft Stalley & Joi Tiffany)
Island drops 11/11.

35) The War on Drugs – It’s Your Destiny
For the most part, listening to music is something I do while doing other things (reading, working, chores, etc.). War on Drugs make me want to put on the headphones and do nothing but listen.

36) Wilco – I Might
I’ll forever have trouble separating my enjoyment-level for Wilco’s new album from how much I fucking hated seeing them at the godawful Raleigh Downtown Amphitheatre. That place is horrible.

37) Girls – Vomit
It’s fun watching a very good band become great.

38) Future Islands – Long Flight
These guys played a big part of making Hopscotch awesome. If you’ve never seen Sam Herring stalk the stage, you’ve lived an incomplete life.

3 responses to “September/October Double Mix

  1. Q1- If I am running anorud the street with a wheelbarrow full of oil and accidentally loose control on the wheel borrow and it hits the side of the side walk launching oil into my neighbor’s yard, on his house, trees, dog, car, and kids playing. I can rest assured it wouldn’t matter if I was drunk or not. I would owe big, to take care of the damages. I also would feel pretty bad. For some reason I don’t think Exxon feels bad, about anything. Raping us on fuel is pretty huge. I say nuke em all and give me the car that runs on electricity or water. Q2- If they can go to Mexico and hang with some of my other friends there and come out alive, then I am totally down.Q3- Public official public knowledge. If you are representing and making decisions for our town or country I would like to know that your characteristics meet my wants in a leader. I feel like we are voting on actors that portray the best character right now. I want to know are they the kind who will stand up for what they believe to be is right or they going to always take the easy road? We need an electoral that has earned their money and their position, not stolen and stepped on necks to do it.I think we should really put a true home security act in place for the public. If our country wants transparency then lets give us transparency. If you run for public official we have the right to have your computer’s turned over to separate group of elected officials untouched by a presidential authority and they are allowed to interview you and your family, scrap computer traffic, look up criminal records and monitor phone calls for the last 5 years. If they find information that expresses the official’s public character, nothing that infringes on the national security or injures their families individual credibility, then they expose it to the community. A public official needs to have strength of character and I have yet to see an official that has a backbone enough to deal with the serious issues we have. We need someone who may have some past of imperfections but is willing to stand in front of all of us and explain why and how there better because of it.Q4 Food: Can you eat something with a texture that is visually unappealing. What about food that smells bad but taste good?Smell is hard to get by. I would have a hard time eating a sandwich in an outhouse.

  2. I have two theories:1) you hip yonetsgur are just making fun of us aging post-hip post-yonetsgursor2) there’s a new drug around that I haven’t heard of (because my hearing is not what it used to be) that’s amazingeither way, who could listen to that shit once???

  3. I’m not easily impressed but you’ve done it with that posting.

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