Best of Gil Scott-Heron

It’s been about four months since we lost one of the world’s greatest musicians.  As much as I loved his music, I’m no Gil Scott-Heron expert.  I’m not trying to pretend that the songs below are necessarily his most important songs.  But they’re my favorite of his songs.

For those of you who’ve never gotten into Gil Scott-Heron, jump on in.  For those who are already familiar, hopefully there’s a song or two below that you’ve overlooked.  Enjoy.

1) Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)
2) A Legend In His Own Mind
3) Home Is Where The Hatred Is
4) The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
5) Pieces Of A Man
6) The Klan
7) Lady Day and John Coltrane
8) Your Daddy Loves You (for Gia Louise)
9) Did You Hear What They Said?
10) The Bottle
11) We Almost Lost Detroit
12) Comment #1
13) Winter in America
14) The Needle’s Eye
15) Whitey On The Moon
16) New York is Killing Me (ft. Mos Def)
17) I’ll Take Care Of You
18) Me And The Devil


4 responses to “Best of Gil Scott-Heron

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  2. Lis son biuquon « Le Vautour », tu vas aimer Merci à toi

  3. Will do!

  4. jennifer – Amanda, THANK YOU! I am so excited and can’t wait to see all the phoots! You and Wynter are such a blessing to us! You are not only friends i hope we will keep forever, but family! You both did such a great job! We are so blessed and grateful! Thank you so much for sharing and capturing this wonderful day! We love you God Bless you both! jennifer and chad :-)October 28, 2009 3:54 pm

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