June 2011 Mix


This shit is late enough (work…travel…blah blah blah), so I’ll keep it short. Albums I liked:

  • My Morning Jacket – Circuital:  I hated Evil Urges.  Glad they’ve returned to form.
  • James Pants – James Pants:  I like every new James Pants release better than the last one. Either he’s getting better, or I’m just growing used to his weirdness.
  • Bosco Delrey – Everybody Wah:  Not at all what you’d expect from a Mad Decent release.  If Beck were a little more normal and from Memphis, this is what he’d sound like.
  • Ty Segall – Goodbye Bread:  Dude is one of my absolute favorites.  He’s starting to channel some Jack White with his Jay Reatard, and I like it.
  • Killer Mike – Pl3dge:  Speaking of favorites, can’t complain about the latest album from my favorite rapper.
Honorable mention to Beastie Boys’ Hot Sauce Committee, Smoke DZA’s The Hustler’s Catalog, and the Sea and Cake’s The Moonlight Butterfly EP.

The mix:

1) WIN WIN – Interleave (Kingdom Remix)
If the Avalanches were still making music, I’d hope it would sound something like this.

2) Thundercat – For Love I Come
Some say Thundercat is a bassist who hangs out with Flying Lotus. I say he’s the bastard love-child of Wayne Coyne and Meshell Ndegeocello.

3) James Pants – Incantation
Decidedly not pants.

4) Bosco Delrey – Don Haps
Bends-era Radiohead with a Memphis twist.

5) Cloud Control – Meditation Song #2 (Why, Oh Why)

6) Ty Segall – The Floor
Ty Segall’s a great soundtrack for nights when you might end up passing out on the floor.

7) My Morning Jacket – Holdin On To Black Metal
Too much falsetto on Evil Urges. Just enough on Circuital.

8) Beastie Boys – Here’s a Little Something for Ya
Rappers should start turning to these guys for beats.

9) Donwill, Che Grand, Von Pea, King Mez & Skyzoo – Without Hands
Raleigh’s King Mez for the win.

10) Fabolous – Really Tho
“I love my real bitches, fuck them fake hoes, I be askin’ God, ‘why you even make those?'” — the idea of Fabolous kneeling next to his bed at night and asking God why he makes fake hoes never ceases to crack me up.

11) SL Jones – Swervin’ Feat. Trae Tha Truth
With Grind Time Rap Gang member Pill making so much noise, I was just starting to wonder what fellow gang member SL Jones was up to. His 2008 C.O.L.O.R.S. was a pretty decent album. Glad he’s still around.

12) Killer Mike – Ric Flair

13) Bob and Gene – It’s Not What You Know
I love a good, pessimistic soul song about economic injustice.

14) Mayer Hawthorne – A Long Time
“Berry had a record store, started up a studio”

15) The Sea And Cake – Up On The North Shore
New Sea and Cake, just in time for “sitting on the porch at night and drinking wine” season.

16) Seu Jorge & Almaz – Everybody Loves The Sunshine
Speaking of seasonally appropriate songs. A darker take on the Roy Ayers classic.

17) Mayer Hawthorne – Don’t Turn The Lights On
I love how Mayer turns the Chromeo classic into a slow-burning ballad.

18) My Morning Jacket – Slow Slow Tune
Keeping it slow. Reminds me of Smith Westerns’ “Still New” in how the guitar is really the chorus…and how the guitar really slays you.

19) Bosco Delrey – Get Outta Dodge
I’m taking Bosco’s advice and getting outta Dodge a lot this month.

20) Ty Segall – My Head Explodes

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