May 2011 Mix


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Despite catching 3 nights of the Love Language’s residency at Slim’s, and a very good Ted Leo solo show, May didn’t do much to inspire me from a new music standpoint. Somehow I need to teach myself that I don’t need to download every new release that I think might potentially be interesting and start focusing on those albums that I’m damn sure I’ll enjoy. Of course, looking at all the new stuff I have in my downloaded music folder, that resolution might have to wait til next month.

Still, there were a couple of good albums:

  • KD – G Fluid: KD keeps growing into becoming a better and better rapper, and DJ Burn One stays on his winning streak, staking his claim as producer of the year.
  • Quintron & Miss Pussycat – Sucre du Sauvage: Was deeply disappointed that Quintron — one of the best live acts you’ll ever see — had to cancel his tour before his stop in Raleigh.  Hopefully the “family emergency” that caused the cancellation was nothing too terrible.
Honorable mention to Curren$y’s Covert Coup.  Dishonorable mention to TV On the Radio’s Charmin-soft Nine Types of Light.  Two stinkers in a row from my once-favorite band are hard to ignore.

On to the mix…

1) Thao & Mirah – Eleven
The Thao & Mirah collaboration was just lacking a little life for me. The exception being this one, where the tUnE-yArDs’ Merrill Garbus adds some much-needed energy.

2) tUnE-yArDs – Bizness
Speaking of the annoyingly-named BNM winners, um, they just aren’t for me. Nearly every song has some moment (lyrical or musical) that kills an otherwise promising song for me.

3) TV On The Radio – New Cannonball Run
Really, a pretty mediocre TVOTR song in the grand scheme of things, but easily the best track on Nine Types of Light. If I’m going to give a shit about their next album, they need to fire Dave Sitek.

4) Fat Joe (Feat. Vado) Massacre On Madison 
Who would ever have predicted a Fat Joe winning streak?

5) KD – Running Away
Who says southern rappers can’t be political: “Barack sold us a dream in the form of hope / But he the main one supplyin’ the hood with all the dope / Send 40,000 troops, over to Afghanistan / That’s where they makin’ all the dope, you ni99a’s undersand?”

6) Curren$y – Full Metal

7) Smoke DZA – Fuck Is You Talkin Bout

8) KD – My Dawgs
Would love to hear Houston’s underrated J-Dawg over this beat.

9) Del tha Funkee Homosapien – Makes No Sense
Del’s a weirdo, and his beat selection can be spotty, but dude can still rap his ass off.

10) Curren$y (feat. Fiend) Blood Sweat And Gears 
As great as Curren$y has become, Fiend absolutely steals the show with the way he morphs his gravel-voiced singing into a hard as nails verse.

11) Willie Evans Jr. – The Fool Pt. II
Good enough to make you forget that Jay Electronica still can’t pull his shit together long enough to drop an album.

12) Gardens – Maze Time
Detroit’s answer to Whatever Brains? Some good old snotty-nosed garage rock.

13) The Love Language – Untitled No. 2
New Love Language from their Daytrotter set sounds like they’re getting even better.

14) Shannon and the Clams – Done With You
You know you’ve gotta at least give this one a listen on the strength of band name alone.

15) Sonny and the Sunsets – I Wanna Do It
Sonny and the Sunsets with a cover of the Earth Girl Helen Brown classic.

16) Quintron – All Night Right Of Way
Amazing that one man can make such a wall of noise.

17) J Rocc – Track03
Can anyone decipher the message?

18) Yung Tee (ft. H.Nic, Memphis Red) – Wanna Choose
A Pimp C sample and a syrupy-smooth sumertime track are great ways for anonymous southern rappers to catch my attention.

19) Codie G & CP – This Aint No Muthafucking Game
Speaking of syrupy-smooth summer songs. Holy hell, R. Dot knocked that Donald Byrd sample out of the park with this one.

20) Gucci Mane (ft. Waka Flocka Flame) – Stoned
There’s no way to rap over this beat and not call your song “Stoned.”

21) Main Attrakionz – Zoned Out Mackin
Bay Area stoner-rap that’s been getting a lot of internets love, but the attrakion (sorry, had to) has mostly escaped me. But this one grew on me after my iPod kept bringing it up on shuffle all month.

22) Mobroder – Rush (Nile Delta Remix)
Creepy electro-funk, that would fit in well with the first three songs from the February 2011 Mix.

One response to “May 2011 Mix

  1. Man, fuck you. You hate Dear Science and Nine Types of Light, EASILY TV on the Radio’s two best albums, because they refuse to make Return to Cookie Mountain all over again? Fuck your ignorant ass. You don’t deserve music, much less ears to hear it. What a piece of shit and so is this blog.

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