March 2011 Mix


Let’s toss March 2011 in the garbage can.  The weather always sucks.  We’ll get some glorious weather, only to be followed an hour or two later hail and all sorts of other Biblical shit.  The NCAA Tourney is normally fun.  But this year’s tourney served as a sad reminder that my team, the Wake Forest Demon Deacons, re-defined terrible.  We’re still having to fuck around with our clocks every 6 months or so because farmers think cows give a fuck what time they wake up for work, or some other stupid bullshit.  And none of you assholes bought me a birthday present!

But let’s focus on the good. There were great shows from Ty Segall and Sharon Jones.  And there were these albums that helped carry me through the misery:

  • Tapes ‘n Tapes – Outside: Yeah, Pitchfork, we get it. Tapes ‘n Tapes were slightly over-hyped in 2005. And they aren’t going to blow your mind or jump on whatever pretentious boring bullshit trend Pitchfork is currently on.
  • Money Making Jam Boys – The Prestige: Black Thought, Dice Raw, Sugar Tongue Slim, Truck North, P.O.R.N. You don’t need to know anything else.
  • Mind Spiders – Mind Spiders: Yes, I probably overrate every half-decent garage rock album. This is the latest.
  • Oblivians – Play 9 Songs With Mr. Quintron: I’ve been digging into Greg Cartwright’s (lead singer for the Reigning Sound) older stuff. Imagine my pleasant surprise to find out that his old band, Oblivians, hooked up with Quintron for an album! It’s as good as expected.

Honorable mention to Sonny Smith’s 100 Records Volume II: I Miss the Jams, and Stalley’s Lincoln Way Nights which were both good albums.

On to the mix.

1) Big K.R.I.T. – Dreamin’
A dope song, but Big K.R.I.T. is venturing a little close to The Game territory on this one. Let’s hope this is his last song focused entirely on name-dropping his influences, and his future songs go towards establishing his own voice and legacy.

2) Stranger Cole – Crying Every Night
You know you’re a hip-hop nerd if you think the first words to this song are going to be “the highest caliber make it a night to remember like Shalamar…”

3) Wayward Youth – Garbage Storm
Sonny Smith basically did a high-art version of Lil’ B’s hundreds of Myspace profiles. Smith made up names and song titles for 100 singles from 100 fake bands. Artists created cover art for the records and Smith wrote and recorded songs for all 100 singles. Swag.

4) Tapes ‘n Tapes – Nightfall
I like my Tapes ‘n Tapes all french-horned out.

5) Wavves – Horse Shoes

6) Mind Spiders – Neurotic Gold
If these dudes just dug the vocals a teensie little bit out of the fuzz, I think I’d like them a lot more than I do.

7) Cloud Nothings – You’re Not That Good At Anything
I never thought I’d like a song solely because the band sound like a bunch of raging dickheads, but here we are.

8) Oblivians – Feel All Right
This is what Robert Randolph should sound like, if he were willing to take risks that might get him booted from his safe spot in the (lucrative) jam-band circuit.

9) Raekwon – Molasses Ft. Rick Ross And Ghostface Killah
Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang was a bit disappointing, but that Ann Peebles sample always wins.

10) Action Bronson – Shiraz
Action Bronson is making a strong case for my favorite new rapper in 2011. He sounds a lot like Ghostface, but in 2011 he’s maybe doing Ghostface better than Ghostface does Ghostface.

11) Thirstin Howl III – Double Dosage (Chapter 2) Ft. Meyhem Lauren & J-Love
I’m glad there are still dudes out there making classic NYC boom bap.

12) The Money Making Jam Boys – We Not Playing
Speaking of classic sounds. The MMJB’s ripped a lot of classics on The Prestige, but none better than this.

13) Pusha T – My God
I’m quite nervous about Pusha spending all this time with Kanye, but judging from this song, he’s maintaining his style.

14) Lil’ Keke – Chunk Up The Deuce (Syko Bmore Remix)
Thank you, Houston, for giving us a phrase that sounds like it involves several bodily functions at once (but actually involves none).

15) Gucci Mane – Gucci Time (Feat. Swizz Beats) (Sinden Remix Feat Tinchy Stryder)
I know it’s been a while, but I still can’t get over his tattoo.

16) Blaqstarr – Set It Off
2012’s Justin Timberlake.

17) The-Dream – Yamaha
2010’s Justin Timberlake.

18) Ned III/Kenjo – Oprah Winfree ft PRGz
“Girl this ain’t no talk show / your name ain’t no Oprah” is the early favorite for my favorite chorus of 2011.

19) Stalley – Monkey Ish (R.I.P. Pimp C)
Note to aspiring rappers: if you’re going to get all self-righteous and preachy, make sure your song includes a dope Pimp C sample.

20) Pimp C – Hogg in the Game
Note to aspiring rappers: you’ll never be as cool as Pimp C.

21) Danny Brown – Lincoln Continental
Danny Brown takes an interesting approach to making a “conscious” song here…kicking some knowledge, but rapping like Waka.

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