February 2011 Mix


The Budos Band

February blew by! I guess it helps when you spend the first half of the month on vacation (I should really do that more often). And then when I got back, I was so busy that I forgot to study my black history. Maybe next year.

So what was I listening to this month (other than waves lapping on the shore, and a chorus of jungle birds)?

  • Smith Westerns – Dye It Blonde: Remember when these guys sounded like any number of other fuzzed-out lo-fi garage rock bands? Now they sound like Girls. Part of me wants to dislike them for changing their sound so drastically. But part of me is a 32-year old adult who shouldn’t give a shit about such petty stuff and just enjoy the music for what it is.
  • Charles Bradley – No Time For Dreaming: As I mentioned on Twitter, “If you love Lee Fields “My World” (and really, u’re an ahole if you don’t) get Charles Bradleys “No Time For Dreaming”
  • Mark Sultan – $: Better known as the tastier half of the King Khan & BBQ Show, I wasn’t expecting to like this one so much. I’ve always enjoyed Sultan’s voice, but the KK&BS stuff always sounded so half-assed to me. This still sounds mostly half-assed (I still wish he’d play with a real drummer), but it comes together just enough for me.

Let’s do this!

1) Tony Cook – On The Floor (Rock-It) feat. The Party People
Stones Throw is re-releasing some of this early 80’s “White Pony”/”Planet Rock”-sounding old school club/hip-hop stuff. We win.

2) ESG – My Love For You
Speaking of early 80’s old school club stuff…I don’t know what I like more about this song: the bass line, or that ridiculous drum breakdown.

3) The Dirtbombs – Shari Vari
You wouldn’t expect a garage rock band to cover this song. But I like it.

4) James Pants – Alone
New shit from Stones Throw’s resident weirdo.

5) Bosco Delray – Evil Lives (Ad-Rock Remix)
I’m not sure whether I actually like this song, or if it was just that the shuffle feature on my iPod really liked this song. It seemed to come on every-other song in my “new music” playlist.

6) Salva – Wake Ups
Damn, did you know that the president of the world’s newest country looks like a badass extra from Mario Van Peeble’s Posse?

Salva Kiir Mayardit

7) Swick – Brocolli (MayaVanya Remix)
I’m assuming Swick just named his song “Brocolli” so George H.W. Bush wouldn’t like it.

8) Chris Brown (ft. Busta Rhymes & Lil’ Wayne) – Look At Me Now
You probably don’t want to hear Chris Brown rap. But it’s sooo worth getting through his verse to get to the Busta verse.

9) Mouse On Tha Track – Turn Da Beat Up
Best producer on the mic, Southern Division.

10) Rittz (ft. Big K.R.I.T. & Yelawolf) – Fulla Shit
Best country rap tune producer, White Division

11) S.L.A.S.H. Sullivan – Where Dem Dollaz?
Best southern producers…shit, maybe the best producers, period.

12) Mouse On Tha Track – Swagga Fresh Freddie
It’s been a while since a hook has buried itself so deep into my brain. Listen to this once, and you too will be walking around town singing “Swagga Fresh, Swagga Fresh Freddie” even though you’re a lame 30-something white dude.

13) Killer Mike – Burn
I like my Killer Mike angry and political.

14) LMD – Real Talk
LMNO, MED & Declaime with the standout track from Madlib’s Medicine Show No. 11.

15) Charles Bradley – I Believe In Your Love
Sounds like a lost Al Green classic.

16) Mark Sultan – Misery’s Upon Us
Underrated rock voice.

17) Bare Wires – Seeking Love
For those of you who miss old BRMC when they still sounded kinda badass.

18) Big Eyes – Why Can’t I

19) Mark Sultan – Nobody But You
My favorite song of the month. Let it build up and wash over you.

20) Smith Westerns – Still New
My favorite guitar lick of the month at 1:07 mark.

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