December 2010 Mix


Cookies and beer. Pretty much sums up the month. When I wasn’t being a glutton, here’s what I was listening to:

  • The Kid Daytona – The Interlude: Why isn’t this dude getting more buzz from the internets?
  • Curren$y – Pilot Talk II: I’m always skeptical of album sequels. And I’m even more skeptical when it’s the second album the artist has dropped in the past 12 months. My skepticism was unfounded. Spitta found himself a winning formula on Pilot Talk 1, and he smartly sticks to it.
  • Last Year’s Men – Sunny Down Snuff: Chapel Hill teenagers sound much wiser than their years.
  • Girls – Broken Dreams Club EP: For when you need sad songs that still sound hopeful.

I also spent some time listening to these older albums:

Here we go…the 48th(!) installment of the monthly mix series. Can’t believe that this one marks 4 years.

1) Albertom (ft Nico, Joa, Shellow Shaq & Melymel) – La Cartera (Remix)
Some Domincan reggaeton? Blame it on my new jogging hobby.

2) Beyonce (ft. Pitbull & DJ Class) – Video Phone (Unruly Remix)
Another song that would have annoyed me a year ago. Who knows why I like this stuff now.

3) The Kid Daytona (feat. Freddie Gibbs & Alex of The Kickdrums) – Take Aim…Bang!
If you’ve got a classic gangsta rap beat like this one, you best call up Gangsta Gibbs. Speaking of Gibbs, he should hook up with a producer (Quik?) who can get him rhyming over nothing but retro-influenced g-funk beats.

4) Bobby Creekwater (ft. Big K.R.I.T. & Killer Mike) – Airborne
Best news of 2010 that makes me happy about 2011: that Killer Mike and El-P are doing an album together.

5) Stalley – Hurcules
Stalley opened for Camp Lo in November. Stalley got himself a new fan.

6) Curren$y – Highed Up
Curren$y’s thesis statement.

7) Gangrene – Overdose
Coolest vinyl since the Mayer Hawthorne heart-shaped record:

8) The Deadly Snakes – Burn Down the Valley
Horns and organs are awesome.

9) The Reigning Sound – Funny Thing
If you like the Black Keys, do yourself a favor and buy this album.

10) Last Year’s Men – Karma
Just as good as anything the Black Lips have ever written.

11) The Deadly Snakes – There Goes Your Corpse Again
A morbid description of a doomed relationship.

12) Cee Lo Green – Bodies
Put this on your 2011 Halloween mix.

13) Bilal – Think It Over (Exile Remix)
Exile’s little tweak of the drums helps to improve an already very good song.

14) Jimmy London – Bridge Over Troubled Waters
A song that has me longing for summer nights drinking wine on the porch.

15) The Impressions – I’ve Been Trying
Still yet to hear a bad Impressions song.

16) Sean Price – Sabado Gigante

17) The Kid Daytona – In the Meantime
All these clown-ass rappers claiming they’ve got swagger…they need to listen to this right here. This is what authentic confidence sounds like.

18) Curren$y – Michael Knight

19) Jackie Chain – One 4 Da Money Bankroll
If the songs that didn’t make Who da Mane are this good, I can’t wait to hear what made the album.  Turns out it’s on the album, under the name “Bankroll”.

20) Lowe (ft. Clova) – Flintstones
The producer who made this beat is named JR Lumpkin. That name makes me laugh.

21) G Mane (ft. Zilla & Stacc A Mil) – Boyz N Da Hood 2
The smoothest beat of 2010.

22) Cee Lo Green – No One’s Gonna Love You
File under: covers that trump the original.

23) Girls – Broken Dreams Club
Girls’ thesis statement: “I just want to get high / but everyone keeps bringin’ me down.”

24) Iron & Wine – Walking Far From Home
If the lyrics are to be believed, this dude sees lots of crazy shit on his walks.

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