October 2010 Mix


Sorry for the delay, folks. I was busy rallying for fear up in DC last weekend. Colbert won.

But let’s not dwell on that. We’re here for the music. And what was I listening to this month? Well, when I wasn’t going to see some amazing shows (Menomena, the Thermals, Love Language), I was listening to these albums:

  • Black Milk – Album of the Year: Probably not going to be my album of the year. But it’s damn good. Drums of the year, definitely.
  • Bill Withers – Just As I Am: Earlier this month, I realized that I pretty much loved every Bill Withers song I’d ever heard. Finally got around to finding some of his full albums. This one is a certified soul classic.

Honorable mentions go to Von Pea’s Pea’s Gotta Have It and Pimp C’s The Naked Soul of Sweet Jones.

Weird mix this month. A lot of R&B (what the?) and hardly any rock:

1) Von Pea (feat. Che Grand and Elucid) – Thanks For Your Children
Elucid should be a household name.

2) Raekwon (ft. Jadakiss & Styles P) – Broken Safety (Remix)
The remix wins. This is some Timbs n hoodies music. (via unkut)

3) Black Rob (ft. Peedi Crack & Lil Cease) – I Don’t Know
Peedi Crack has the biggest “terrible name”-to-“terrific rapper” differential in hip-hop. (via Steady Bloggin)

4) Kanye West – Devil In A New Dress
My favorite (so far) of the G.O.O.D. Fridays series happens to be the one with less than 5 guest verses and under 6 minutes long.  Not a coincidence.

5) Dam Funk – How It Be Between U & Me?
US Surgeon Generals Warning: This song might cause pregnancy.

6) Wiz Khalifa – The Kid Frankie
Pittsburgh G-funk.

7) Pimp C (ft. The Gator Main & E-40) – Since the 90s
Does Gator Main always sound exactly like Young Dro, or just on this song?

8) Lil Phat (ft. Bun B & Webbie) – Never Fuck Without a Rubber
Seriously. Don’t do it.

9) Drake (ft. Bun B) – Miss Me (OG Mix)
This song is making it hard for me to keep pretending that I hate Drake.

10) Bill Withers – I’m Her Daddy
Bill should have listened to Lil’ Phat.

11) Tim Cohen – Send No Sign
The horns and the organ are a sign that the song is about to get awesome.

12) Maximum Balloon (ft. Kyp Malone) – Shakedown
1/2 of TV on the Radio makes a song that sounds 100% like a TVOTR song.

13) Bilal – All Matter
So talented…yet so unable to make a great album. Luckily he pulls it together now and then for some great songs.

14) Gucci Mane (ft. Nicki Minaj And Pharrell) – Haterade
Hip-hop’s version of yacht rock. So cheesy, but I don’t care.

15) Ghost Town DJs – My Boo
Heard a DJ play this one at the Hopscotch Festival. Had forgotten its greatness.

16) Wilder Zoby – Contagious
Apparently the dude who produced Funcrusher Plus also produced this one. Crazy.

17) Mark Ronson And The Business Intl (ft. Rose Elinor Dougall & Andrew Wyatt) – Somebody To Love Me
Afropop disco? I told you it’s a weird month.

18) Teengirl Fantasy – Cheaters
This sounds like the kind of music RJD2 should be making these days.

19) Sammy Bananas – My Body
Sammy Bananas > Johnny Bananas

One response to “October 2010 Mix

  1. – Wow Tracy, Great job these are wonderful, I love all of the iamges but especially the image of Holly looking right at the camera with the sun-flare coming in and Ryan is looking at her. They look like a really fun couple. I’m always impressed with your iamges Tracy. Did I hear you correctly that Holly is Jeff’s daughter? She’s beautiful! You did good Jeff! You must have married up like I did hehehe

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