September 2010 Mix


Hey, I got married and did a bunch of other stuff this month.  Didn’t have a ton of time to really get into much…only two albums get the “good albums” tag from me:

  • The Walkmen – Lisbon:  These guys are incredible.
  • The Golden Boys – Electric Wolfman:  These guys are fun.

As always, let me know if you think there’s anything I’ve missed.

1) Mayer Hawthorne – I Need You
Well on his way to becoming a household name.

2) Brian Recuppero – Love’s On Fire
A wedding present from one of my buddies…a song inspired by how my wife and I met. Second-coolest wedding present ever (whatever you got me was the first-coolest, obviously).

3) Stevie Wonder – Hey Love
File under: how was this not on my iPod already?

4) Cee-Lo Green – Fuck You
Not my favorite song by any means, but I’ll never forget dancing to it at my reception.

5) Bobby Day – Can’t Explain (Your Love) Time Bandits Reup
Time Bandits take an already funky song, and turn the funkiness up to 11.

6) Black Milk (ft. Royce da 5’9″ & Elzhi) – Deadly Medley
If you like Detroit hip-hop, then you will like this song. I’m very excited to give Album of the Year a listen. There’s a very good chance of Black Milk songs on next month’s mix.

7) Raekwon (ft. INspectah Deck & GZA) – Rockstars
A song that would have fit better on 8 Diagrams than OB4CLII. I mean that in a good way.

8) The Walkmen – Angela Surf City
Making a strong run at replacing “The Rat” as their best song.

9) Naomi Shelton & the Gospel Queens – I’ll Take the Long Road
Naomi Shelton doesn’t care about her carbon footprint, apparently.

10) The Walkmen – Stranded
It is indeed possible to make mariachi horns sound incredibly sad.

11) Golden Boys – Mr. Dickles
I’m going to name my next dog Mr. Dickles and pretend that this song is about me.

12) Menomena – Taos (Edit)
Can’t wait to see these guys on Thursday!

13) School of Seven Bells – Bye Bye Bye
At first I was mad with Benjamin Curtis for leaving his old band Secret Machines. But any time you’ve got the opportunity to start a band with smoking hot Argentinian identical twin sisters, you jump at that opportunity.

14) Doctor – Airplane (demo)
Pretty good demo.

15) Bonjay – Stumble
If DJs played songs like this at dance clubs, I might actually go to dance clubs (as long as I was hammered).

16) Jason Rivas – Black Moon (Sheeqo Beat Remix)
This is the song that plays in your head if you’re Mexican and you do coke.

17) Theophilus London – Calypso Blues
Killer cover songs are awesome. And this is a killer cover.

18) Stevie Wonder – Uptight (Reggae Remix)
Reggae remixes are also almost always awesome. This one courtesy of Mixtape Riot.

19) T.L. Barret & Youth for Christ Choir – Like a Ship
I’m like a ship without a sail unless I get a big cup of coffee in the morning. So coffee is my Jesus.

20) Andre 3000 – I Do
Appropriate song for September 2010, no?

21) Yung Clova (ft. PH) – Wait a Minute
I was worried about Yung Clova’s The Koolest Kid mixtape when I saw a lot of “prod. by Yung Clova” in the credits. But the kid’s got some potential behind the boards. Lots of his beats sound drunk…kind of like a lite version of chopped-n-screwed.

22) Groove Chambers – In the Bag
If you listen to “This American Life” on NPR, then you already know Groove Chambers. “This American Life” uses the “Awnaw” instrumental like it’s going out of style (or like they get to use it for cheap). Well Groove Chambers produced that song for Nappy Roots. Now he’s hopping behind the mic himself.

23) Freddie Gibbs – Born 2 Roll
Better than anything on the mildly disappointing Str8 Killa EP.

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