June 2010 Mix



Good riddance to June 2010.  It’s never good when my busiest month work-wise coincides with Raleigh’s hottest ever June.  How did I survive?  Staying inside and watching 5,040-plus minutes of soccer, of course!  It was delightful!  Oh, I also had boatloads of good music to help keep me sane:

  • Sleigh Bells – Treats: I liked my description of their song “Tell ‘Em” where I described it as “getting punched in the face while someone else tickles your balls.”  Pretty much goes for the entire album.  Can’t wait to check them out on Tuesday at Cat’s Cradle.
  • The Black Keys – Brothers: There’s something almost too slick with the Black Keys’ post-working-with-Danger-Mouse sound.  Of course, there was something getting almost too boring with their pre-working-with-Danger-Mouse sound.
  • Male Bonding – Nothing Hurts: Nothing at all too slick about these guys.  Pitchfork describes them as “fast, noisy, and full of hooks.”  Yes, yes and yes.
  • PRGz – Hood Headlinaz Vol. 2/Rocket Fuel EP: Dawgy Baggz, Mata, Jhi-Ali and Gunt have done it again.  Good driving around music.
  • Oddisee – Odd Spring EP: Another free EP of incredible music from hip-hop’s most underrated producer.
  • Tame Impala – Innerspeaker: The pleasant surprise of the month.  Who knew I’d love an album from a bunch of Australian hippies?
  • Wolf Parade – Expo 86: When I don’t like Wolf Parade, it’s because there are cheesy 80’s synths and/or Spencer Krug is trying to cram in way too many words where they don’t belong…neither of which take place on this album, thankfully.
  • Roc Marciano – Marcberg: I was hesitant at first, because kids on okayplayer were sweating the hell out of this album.  But Marcberg is officially the Operation Doomsday of NY street rap.

With all those good albums, picking the best 80-minutes worth was no easy feat.  I hope you didn’t come here for soul music, because you aren’t getting any this month.  But you are going to get a mini dance party.

1) Oddissee (ft. Kingpin Slim) – Anticipation
Man, I could give a shit about Steven Strasburg…Oddisee and Kingpin Slim are the best thing to happen to DC this year.

2) Big K.R.I.T. – Country Shit
Big K.R.I.T. just made the best UGK song since “International Players Anthem.” Dude has potential.

3) Blackowned C-Bone – (ft. Big Boi) – Tell C-Bone
The type of song with poor rapping but a killer beat that makes me seriously consider investing in real speakers for my Civic.

4) Mumdance – Kerplunk! Pt. 1
What do you even call this music? Whatever it is, I want more of it.

5) Angélique Kidjo – Move On Up (Radioclit Vocal Remix)
At this point in the mix, your shirt is off, and there might be glow sticks involved. Sorry.

6) A-Trak (ft. Roscoe Dash & Soulja Boy) – Trizzy Turnt Up
Earworm of the month. I guarantee you’ll find yourself sining “aaaaaaall the waaaaaay turrrrnt up” in your head for days to come. Also, if 25-year old me knew that 32-year old me would like a song from some jackass named Soulja Boy…

7) Birdman – Money to Blow (ft. Drake & Lil’ Wayne) (U-Tern Style Class Flair Blend)
Props to DJ Emynd who had the great idea of matching up Birdman’s “Money to Blow” with U-Tern’s “Style Class Flair” — a song that just missed out on making the May mix.

8) Sleigh Bells – Riot Rhythm
This is the type of shit Rick Rubin would be churning out if he weren’t walking around shoeless concentrating on cultivating his beard farm. I love those chopped up vocals that come in at the 0:48 mark.

9) PRGz – Anutha Night
Ladies and gentlemen, I present your summer 2010 hip-hop anthem.

10) Male Bonding – All Things This Way
Remember when they thought the year 2000 would bring us delicious meals in pill form? Well, never happened in food, but Male Bonding have made it happen in music. Somehow they cram a full song’s worth of goodness into just 1:30.

11) Wolf Parade – In the Direction of the Moon
On the other hand, sometimes it’s nice to let a song stretch out a bit. Build up the tension. Then triumph.

12) Tame Impala – Solitude is Bliss
I love the chorus of “you will never come close to how I feeeeeel.” That chorus was ringing in my head after this happened.

13) The Dove Shack – Summertime in the LBC
I’ve vowed to do this song in holler form at the 43rd Annual Hollerin’ Contest next year.

14) Major Lazer & La Roux – Colourless Artibella
Icy synth-pop plus roots reggae. Only a dude like Diplo could pull that off.

15) Jigsy King – Keep the Vibes Pumpin’
Keeping up with the trend of me enjoying dancehall songs that are several years old. Hey, it’s new to me!

16) Oddissee – The Riches Instrumental
Dear rappers: If Just Blaze isn’t returning your calls anymore since he’s too busy working on Jay Electronica’s album that will never come out (Saigon, pt.2?), you might consider giving Mr. Oddissee a call.

17) Raekwon – Shake
This song is one Ghostface verse away from being classic.

18) Young Jeezy (ft. the Clipse) – I’LL’IN
You think Jeezy listened to Soundboming II back in the day? Clearly the highlight of Trap or Die 2.

19) Jay West – Summer Nights
Can someone name me that sample? I’m nearly positive it’s a Curtis Mayfield song, but I’m too lazy to try and figure it out for myself right now.

20) The Black Keys – Ten Cent Pistol
Just realized that — despite my talk about the Black Keys’ new sound — I picked out the one song that (other than for a subtle organ) could have easily fit on any of their fist three albums.

21) Roc Marciano – Hide My Tears
Shit.  Alchemist already flipped this sample. Oh well, I’m putting this one on the mix anyways [update: in an interview over at Unkut, Roc explains, “It’s crazy, we both rocked the same sample for our albums too – the ‘Hide My Tears’ shit. Al my dude and shit, but I put it out first though – y’all can go look and document it! I leaked mine out first! [laughs]”].

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