May 2010 Mix


The Dap Kings

Sorry I’m a few days late with this.  May and June are crazy months for me on the actual job front.  Shit gets hectic and stressful, but here’s the new stuff that kept me sane amidst the madness:

  • Broken Social Scene – Forgiveness Rock Record: Did I mention that BSS will be playing the Hopscotch Festival the weekend of September 12th?  Because they are, and it will be great.
  • Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings – I Learned the Hard Way: C’mon, you knew this would be nails.  Also, I feel sorry for your life if you missed her show at Cat’s Cradle.
  • Starlito – Renaissance Gangster: Internet hype for Starlito has been on a low boil the past 6 months or so.  I downloaded a few tracks and was not impressed.  Then, I heard him over some DJ Burn One beats.  Burn One’s slow funk is the perfect backdrop to Starlito’s stoned-as-shit flow.  It works.
  • Andre Cymone – Livin’ in the New Wave:  I know the Okayplaer message boards have a reputation for attracting a particularly annoying strand of music nerd.  But sometimes a dude like SpitWizard will put you on to some old Rick James/Prince sounding stuff from a mostly forgotten early-80s artist.  Then it’s all worth it.

Honorable mention goes to:

  • Disappears – Lux and Sonny and the Sunsets – Tomorrow is Alright.  I liked both of these albums fairly well, I just don’t see myself returning to them very often.  But if you like the Ponys, you’ll like Disappears.  And if you like Girls, then you’ll probably like Sonny and the Sunsets.

All righty then.  Let’s get to the mix:

1) Andre Cymone – Livin’ in the New Wave
If I told you that Prince’s original bassist released a solo album in 1982, this is pretty much what you’d expect it to sound like.

2) Ethel Beatty – I Know You Care (U-Tern Edit)
Everything U-Tern touches is pure disco gold.

3) Cousin Fik – Don’t Talk About Me
The best track of Fik’s fun, but uneven (but free!) No Gravity album.

4) Big Boi – Shutterbug
Sadly, not about these guys:

5) Broken Social Scene – Forced to Love
A nice song, even if the title is a little rape-y.

6) Thee Oh Sees – I Was Denied
More fun garage rock from the ridiculously prolific SF group.

7) Disappears – Pearly Gates
Thank you to Local 506 for giving me free tickets to the Disappears show on 6/15!

8) Guilty Simpson – Coroner’s Music
I’m virulently anti-skit, so I wasn’t big on OJ Simpson. But Madlib still laced him with some ridiculousness, proving here that Guilty sounds dope over haunted house theme music.

9) Big Twinz (ft. Sean Price) – That’s What We Want
I love Big Twinz’ voice. Dude makes Nine sound like the lead singer for Fine Young Cannibals.

10) H.A.M. – So Packed
Your theme music for the next time you’re in Houston getting high and driving around in your ‘Lac. (courtesy of BLVD ST)

11) Starlito – Alright
Speaking of getting high, Starlito couldn’t sound much more baked here and this beat couldn’t be any more laid back. But hey, not every rap song has to be a banger.

12) Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings – She Ain’t a Child No More
Thankfully, not a song about getting your period.

13) The Week Sisters – What Will It Be Like
A friend of mine once asked: if you could only listen to country music or gospel music for the rest of your life, which would you choose? (courtesy of Soul Sides)

14) Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings – Mama Don’t Like My Man
As tight as the Dap Kings are, my personal highlight was when Sharon and her backup singers sang this one with minimal accompaniment.

15) Panacea (ft. Green) – Revolution World Crazy
Sadly, not a song about the soccer team in Foxboro. (courtesy of Okayplayer)

16) A Tribe Called Quest (ft. Jay Dee) – That Shit
One of the all-time great unrleased(?) ATCQ tracks. I had a shitty radio rip that didn’t include Phife’s verse. Ecstatic to have the whole thing in CDQ!

17) Mos Def – History Town
Off of Max Tannone’s remix/mash-up album, Mos Dub. Doesn’t always work, but I like how he chopped up Desmond Dekker’s classic “Shanty Town,” a song I first heard as the sample source for Special Ed’s “I’m the Magnificent”

18) Mr. Vegas – Must Come a Road
This one might be 2 years old, but it’s an early contender for my summer jam.

19) Cecile – Hot Like We (South Rakkas Crew Remix)
Everyone who loved Major Lazer needs to embrace South Rakkas.  This is evidently 2 years old, too.  Not sure why or how I downloaded so much 2008 dancehall this month.

20) Sleigh Bells – Tell ‘Em
Holy shit. This sounds like getting punched in the face while someone else tickles your balls.  Have yet to listen to the album…but from what I’ve read, there will likely be some more Sleigh Bells next month.

21) Broken Social Scene – Ungrateful Little Father
[Butthead]Huh huh, swearing is cool[/Butthead]


2 responses to “May 2010 Mix

  1. Hey I been diggin the suggestion is you could embed the divshare link to preview each track without clicking on it and leaving your site..
    kinda like how they get down at

  2. Man, I wish I could embed. But I use the free version of wordpress, and they won’t let me embed Divshare.

    If you (or anyone else) knows how to fix it, I’m all ears. Cause I’d love to have the embedded tracks showing up on the site, too! Unfortunately, I’m lazy and don’t know much about websites.

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