Hold Yer Horses

Instead of blogging and listening to music on my computer, I decided to spend Memorial Day Weekend relaxing at a lake house. Boat rides > blogging.

While you’re waiting for me to post up the May 2010 Mix, you need to go ahead and get tickets to the Hopscotch Music Festival. Broken Social Scene (the top of my list for bands I love but have never seen live), Public Enemy (trust, they still bring it live), Harlem, No Age, Atlas Sound, NOMO (incredible!), Raekwon, The Golden Boys, Spider Bags, The Love Language, The War on Drugs, Whatever Brains, and pretty much every other band from the Triangle who’s worth a damn (we’ve got a bunch).

So get on it!

2 responses to “Hold Yer Horses

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  2. I love the photo of their bare feet. I’m waiting til my son is a litlte older and therefore has bigger feet to do a similar photo of my 2 kids with jeans and bare feet. thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your blog. Great photos and honest stories.

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