April 2010 Mix


I never thought it would happen to me, but I guess everyone gets there sometime.  At some point, we eventually just stop liking new music and only want to listen to old stuff.  At the age of 32 years and 22 days, yours truly evidently lost the ability to enjoy new music.  Either that, or there just wasn’t any good new music that came out last month.

What does it all mean?

It means I should just change my blog name to The Soul Sides Re-Post Blog.  Because for April 2010, basically the only stuff I liked came from Oliver Wang’s incredibly awesome blog.  6 of the songs in this month’s mix are songs I got from his blog.  And, while I didn’t get the two Erykah Badu joints from his blog, they happened to be the two Erykah Badu songs he posted earlier this month.  It all makes me feel like a bit of a fraud and a chump.  Hopefully O-Dub doesn’t mind my re-posts…it’s all out of love.

Anyways, I didn’t hate everything new I heard this month.  There was one new album I enjoyed:

  • Titus Andronicus – The Monitor: The punk version of Neutral Milk Hotel’s In the Aeroplane Over the Sea.  Incredibly ambitious and emotional.  An album I enjoy, but something I need to be in the right mood to listen to.  Of course, when you are in the mood, it’s quite the ride.
  • [one month later edit] Erykah Badu – New Amerykah Part Two: OK, this one took a bit of time to grow on me.  It obviously didn’t immediately grab me like Part 1, but is still an excellent album. [/one month later edit]

Some other notable releases didn’t make the cut.  Erykah Badu’s New Amerykah Part Two and the new Gorillaz album is are both too uneven.  Broken Bells makes for some nice, pleasant background music, but little on the album stands out to me.

Of course, I still love myself some live music. I caught White Rabbits (pictured above), the Thermals, Monotonix, the Love Language, Harlem, Whatever Brains, and Clipse. Sheeeeeeiiiiiittttt.

All that said, here are the tracks that stood out this month.

1) Titus Andronicus – A More Perfect Union
Patrick Stickles is about 35 years away from riding around on a bus with a fanny pack and a t-shirt that says “I Am a Motherfucker.” Dude’s beard is already epic.

2) Ancient Crux – Wing Walker
As much as I loved seeing a band like White Rabbits who can actually sing and play their instruments well (my favorite show of the year so far), there’s something about the energy of a good garage rock band that pulls me in again and again.

3) The Strange Boys – Between Us
For better or for worse, Austin garage rockers the Strange Boys slowed it down for Be Brave. It works here though.

4) ? & the Mysterians – 96 Tears
Heard this one playing before King Kahn took the stage. Downloaded when I got home (after googling for a while because I couldn’t think of the name of the song for the life of me).

5) Carrie Cleveland – Make Love to Me
And so begins the Soul Sides love-fest. I’ve been going through all my music to figure out the perfect first dance song. “Make Love to Me” however might be a little bit too direct though!

6) The Semi Colon – Nekwaha Semi Colon
Been a while since we’ve had some good West African funk on here.

7) Carlton & The Shoes – Love Me Forever
Another of the Soul Sides sure shots. How much weed do you have to smoke before thinking calling your band “the Shoes” is a good idea? I mean, it is a good idea, but still…

8) Bitty McLean – Tell Me (Remix)
My reggae knowledge doesn’t run that deep. Are there any other current reggae artists making that classic reggae like Bitty? Nice little dub remix courtesy of O-Dub.

9) Gorillaz – To Binge
The low points on the new Gorillaz (that ridiculously bad De La song about cereal) are really fucking low. But the high points are pretty sublime.

10) Erykah Badu – Fall in Love (Your Funeral)
The Coolest Human Alive [(c) Nordy, 2010] flips the same Eddie Kendricks sample used on Common Sense’s “A Penny for My Thoughts” and incorporates some Biggie lyrics. So maybe my extreme love of this song is somewhat driven by nostalgia, but that doesn’t make my love of this song any less real.

11) Mayer Hawthorne – Thin Moon
You know it was a thin month when I feature a cover version of a song that was on the January 2010 Mix. Normally, I like to give you guys some new stuff, but Mayer is just that dude.

12) The Dramatics – Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get
Of course, this pimp shit comes from Mr. Wang. Am I the only one who gets hyped just hearing that “brrrrr chuh chuh”? Shit makes me want to jump up and tell Elvis that he was straight up racist, simple and plain.

13) Consequence – Sounds G.O.O.D. 2 Me
“I feel like Peyton when he’s rootin’ for Eli / I’m hopin’ Little Brother get back in the meantime.”

14) Paul Kelly – Only Your Love
It’s the love-song remix to “A Change is Gonna Come.” Soul Sides dug it up.

15) Lee Williams and the Cymbals – I Love You More
The final song of the “let’s re-post everything from Soul Sides” session.

16) Erykah Badu – Turn Me Away (Get Munny)
Another Badu song that delightfully exploits my nostalgia for mid-90s hip-hop.

17) Broken Bells – The Ghost Inside
While I found the Broken Bells album to be pleasantly enjoyable, I had a difficult time picking a song for the April Mix. Many of the songs sound a bit too same-y. A falsetto was enough to set this song apart.

18) Gorillaz – Broken
If you’ve got a broken gorilla, you need this.

19) New Edition – Once in a Lifetime Groove
A classic 80’s jam, courtesy of none other than U-Tern.  Sadly, it’s not a Talking Heads cover.

20) Redman – Mind on My Money
Redman’s Twitter is worth following just to catch his spasms of all-caps enthusiasm for life. It’s even more worth it when you learn he drops gems like this from time to time.

21) Method Man, Ghostface & Raekwon – Gunshowers
Rae. How do you follow up OBFCLII with this Wu-Massacre abortion? It’s like the Wu-Tang version of that god-awful Re-Up Gang album. Of course, even with minimal effort, these three can occasionally fart out a decent song.

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