January 2010 Mix


Can you believe I’ve been doing these monthly mixes for 3 years now!  Christ, time moves faster and faster the older I get.

Good albums this month:

  • Local Natives – Gorilla Manor: Probably not going to make my top 10 for 2010 or anything, but a really nice debut. If you dig bands like Foreign Born, I think you’ll like this one, too.
  • Yelawolf – Trunk Muzik: Again, probably not going to make my top 10. But Yelawolf is a star in the making. Alabama continues to dominate hip-hop.
  • Various Artists – ODL New Years Gift: Not really an album, but I’ve got to bring attention to this treasure trove of disco/boogie/electro-funk that U-Tern dropped on the world to usher in 2010. If you dig the disco/boogie/electro-funk stuff I post here, you need to head over to onedaylater.blogspot.com and download both parts immediately.
  • Various Artists – DJ Spinna Presents the Boogie Back: Between this and the U-Tern stuff, I was getting my boogie on in January.

As always, let me know if there’s anything I missed.

1) Jimmy Bo Horne – Is It In?
I’ll take “Things You Never Want to Hear a Girl Ask You” for $1,000, Alex.

2) Jan Leslie Holmes – I’m Your Superman
Somebody named “Jan Leslie” is probably one of the last people you’d expect to be your superman.

3) Alphonse Mouzon – Everybody Get Down
Little known fact: before he joined the Nation of Islam, before he started reading Harpers, and before he became a cold-ass killing machine, Brother Mouzon lead a disco band.

4) James Pants – Thin Moon
Seven Seals might be the strangest album that Stones Throw as ever released. And, yes, Stones Throw is the same record label that released two concept albums about a helium-voiced, weed-smoking alien who likes to bang hookers and throw bricks at people.

5) Local Natives – Shape Shifter
Their kinda like a non-boring Fleet Foxes.

6) The Walkmen – Little House of Savages
Moving backwards in filling out my Walkmen catalog. I’m assuming you already have “The Rat” on your iPods, so I’m posting this song instead. Hamilton Leithauser’s voice is, as always, quite moving. His name is, as always, pretty hilarious.

7) Sleigh Bells – Ring Ring
Blog hype, blog hype, blog hype!!! Hype be damned, this shit is catchy.

8) Yelawolf (ft. Juelz Santana) – Mixing Up the Medicine Remix
I’m not a Juelz hater, but I wish the Yela-to-Juelz verse ratio was inverted for this song. I need more Yelawolf!

9) Young Jeezy – I Got This (El-P Remix)
95% of “progressive” remixes of southern hip-hop end up making things worse. El-P beat the odds.

10) Motor Skills – Right as Hell
One of my favorite year-end traditions is when the Independent Weekly drops their “40 Essential Triangle Tunes.” It’s a great reminder that the music scene in Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill is really fucking incredible. It’s also a great way to discover local bands I’ve never heard of, like Motor Skills.

11) The Smith Westerns – Girl In Love
It’s yet another lo-fi garage rock band. I’m growing incredibly tired of the lo-fi schtick (it’s become the Autotune of indie-rock). But sometimes there are some nice little songs buried under the muck.

12) Whatever Brains – Eli Porter, Class of 2005
And the award for “Best Song Title Ever” goes to Raleigh’s Whatever Brains! Just like Whatever Brains, I’m still angry that Eli got robbed in the Iron Mic battle of 2003. Maybe their follow-up single will memorialize riyadh’s controversial defeat in the Cheesecake Factory freestyle battle of 2009. Can’t wait to catch these guys this Thursday.

13) The Lessondary – BANG!
Von Pea’s “right” at 0:16 is the front-runner for adlib of the year. Cracks me up, for some reason. Tanya Morgan at the Pour House on 2/26.

14) eLZhi – The Crowd
eLZhi’s leftover tracks > your favorite rapper’s album.

15) Black Milk (ft. AB & Daru Jones) – Keep Going
Black Milk’s drums > your favorite producer’s life.

16) X.O. – Fast Life
As someone who rang in 2010 with a chili half-smoke from Ben’s, it’s only appropriate that I include a song from a DMV rapper.

17) Count Bass D & DJ Pocket – Everyday Ritual
The world deserves a Count Bass D – MF DOOM collabo. DJ Pocket is no DOOM, sadly.

18) Dynamite Brothers – In Time
Maybe I’m stretching a bit, but this kinda sounds like what would have happened if Tunde Adebimpe was making records for Stax instead of Touch and Go.

19) Bobby Reed – Time Is Right for Love (Prince of Ballard Remix)
A dope little remix that adds a little bit more knock without straying too much from the original. Courtesy of Soul Sides.

20) Billy Stewart – Cross My Heart
Yeah, it’s the sample source for the fantastic “Exhibit C” but it’s also a fantastic song in its own right…and a potential first dance song? (courtesy Steady Bloggin’)

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