Verse of the Year: Elucid “My Mayor is a Billionaire”

Elucid – My Mayor is a Billionaire

See, my mayor is a billionaire, my neighbor just got laid off
My mayor cakin’ more this year, they trip off Bernie Madoff
Recession ain’t for everyone, BBC, out of touch,
out of reach, out of mind, arrested for shit, out of luck
blood on the bread line, where the fuck my bail out
they flying private jet, Capitol Hill with they hand out
Obama promised hope? But pssht, fuck that sucka shit
see I don’t need your pep talk, who you really represent
million dollar dreamin’ got me feelin’ second rate
Pinch me see I’m still awake, watch my pocket draw a blank
Got a letter from the bank, my account was overdrawn
What I had was worth less than the paper it’s printed on
Get some gettin’ ‘fore it’s gone, robbin’ Peter to pay Paul
They say it’d get better, but yet I’m colder than I was before
Naw, a bachelor’s ain’t shit anymore
my homie got a PhD and he can’t hardly find a job
It’s a prob

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