October 2009 Mix


Mayer Hawthorne

Saw lots of amazing music this month (Treasure Island Festival, Mos Def performing Black on Both Sides), but don’t know that I listened to all that much great new stuff.  Basically, I was too blown away by the new Flaming Lips album to listen to much of anything else.

  • Flaming Lips – Embryonic: A surprising, stark, but very welcome change for Oklahoma’s finest.  I never expected the bad who had been singing about “go tell Brittany, go tell Gwen,” on their last album would produce something so dark and weird.
  • Girls – Album: Back in September, my mom told me that her friend’s son was in a band that she thought I might like called Girls.  One week later, they’re getting a 9.1 on Pitchfork.  Who knew my mom was such a tastemaker?
  • Oh No – Dr. No’s Ethiopium: Another fantastic instrumental album from Oh No.  But it’s another reminder that he’s yet to drop a proper follow-up to 2004’s The Disrupt.  C’mon man.

As always, let me know if there’s anything I missed this month:

1) Direct Drive – Time’s Running Out
Disco’s not dead! (courtesy of Mixtape Riot)

2) Chromeo – I Can’t Tell You Why
Let’s turn the cheese up to 11 with this Eagles cover.

3) Girls – Hellhole Ratrace
7 minutes long. It could be 17 minutes long and I’d still be happy with it.

4) NOMO – Banners on High (live on Daytrotter)
I’m still pissed they decided to come to Chapel Hill the same night De La Soul was playing.

5) Girls – Darling
Seriously, Mom, can these dudes play my wedding?

6) Koushik – Beep 13
There’s a lot going on these 22 seconds.

7) Oh No – Melody Mix
C’mon, Oh No. You’re a good rapper! Kick something over this.

8) De La Soul – La La La
I hope these dudes do it for another 20 years. Because 20 years in, they’re doing the opposite of falling off.

9) Junior Murvin – Guitar
The Curtis Mayfield of Jamaica? I love the falsetto.

10) Adrian Younge – Shot Me in the Heart
From the original soundtrack to Black Dynamite. The movie might be a comedy, but this song is no joke (ha!). (from Steady Bloggin’)

11) Otis Redding – My Lover’s Prayer
I’m currently going through the process of trying to find a first dance song. I’m quickly realizing that all the best soul songs (like this one) are about heartbreak. (per Soul Summer)

12) Oh No – The Funk
I’d love to hear the original Ethiopian record he flipped for this.

13) Little Denice – Check Me Out
I love the switch-up at the 0:18 mark. (another Soul Sides sure-shot)

14) Jay-Z – PSA (Alex Goose Remix)
Imagine if Jay had beats like this on BP3!

15) M.O.P. (ft. Styles P) – Bang Time
Doing what they do best…making songs that make you want to break shit. (Unkut, of course)

16) Screwball (ft. Cormega) – What the Deal?
Some grimy NY street-rap to bring us into these cold, dark months. (Unkut wins again)

17) Koushik – Beep 20

18) Lil’ Boosie (ft. Mouse & Lil’ Phat) – Top Notch
The best song off the (sadly) disappointing SuperBad.

19) Frank Ski – Whores In This House (Doo Doo Brown Version)
Old school B’more club music via Cocaine Blunts. Extra points for going with “whores” instead of the infinitely more common “hoes.”

20) Poirier (ft. Face T) – Enemies
This song is either incredibly annoying, or incredibly awesome. I can’t decide.

21) Elucid – Yum Yum
Seriously has me fiendin’ for Sub-Bass Diet.

22) The Flaming Lips – Worm Mountain
I would have loved if they would have played this one at Treasure Island. I’m sure it sounds incredible live…

23) The Flaming Lips – Silver Trembling Hands
…although I’m thankful that I can verify that this one definitely sounds incredible live!

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