September 2009 Mix



September kicked summer 09 out the door in fine style. One last celebration of summer in Trinidad trumped anything I did from June through August. Upon returning home, summer was gone. But I was ready. The weather (apart from the occassional rain) has been incredible. It was an all-around fantastic month. And here’s what I was listening to:

  • Reigning Sound – Love and Curses: It’s 9 am, you just got to the tailgate. You’re fighting a hangover. You want to get things rolling, but it’s not yet rock-out with your cock-out time yet. Toss this one on.
  • Various Artists – Eccentric Soul: Smart’s Palace: Is there no end to obscure regional and mostly-forgotten soul records? Numero Group dig up nothing but gems, once again.
  • Jahdan Blakkamoore – Bazooka Shot Mixtape: If you’re looking for more dancehall in the Major Lazer-type vein (you might remember Jahdan from the fantastic “Cash Flow“), you should add this DJ/rupture & Matt Shadetek produced mixtape.
  • Various Artists – Giraffostyle 09 – Huntsville Happening: Some dude from Norway(?) put together this fantastic compilation of stuff from the PRGz/Slow Motion Soundz camp.
  • Raekwon – Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2: My thoughts on this album before it finally dropped: “Surely, this thing is never going to be released. I mean, Rae’s been talking about this album for a good three years now. Toss it in the pile with Detox….I’ll believe it when I see it. And even if it does come out, there’s no way it’s going to be any good. I mean, I heard Immobilarity, dammit.” Ooops.
  • Freddie Gibbs – midwestgangstaboxframecadillacmuzik: Unpretentious street-rap from a dude who can rap his ass off.
  • Spider Bags – Goodbye Cruel World, Hello Crueler World: September is the month when you stop drinking tequila and start drinking whiskey. This is the album you listen to when you drink that whiskey.

As always, let me know if you think I missed anything:

1) Reigning Sound – If I Can’t Come Back
Reigning Sound at their most rocking-est.

2) No Age – You’re a Target
These dudes are one of the most overrated bands on Pitchfork. But if they plan on heading in this direction — less distortion, more accessible — then I can see myself getting down.

3) The Almighty Defenders – Cone of Light
Pitchfork shit all over their album (I haven’t heard it yet), but I like this little doo-wop number with BBQ on the vocals.

4) Chocolate Snow – Inflation
While it was probably written four decades ago, this could easily serve as the theme song for 2009.

5) The Paragons – Blackbirds Singing
Paragons singing > blackbirds singing (via Mixtape Riot)

6) Jahdan Blakkamoore (ft. 77 Klash) – Collie Fields
I shed a tear every time a collie field gets burned.

7) Bobby Creekwater – Business Man
Love myself throwback electro-sounding beats that knock. And Bobby’s a good enough rapper to make cold, sparse beats like this still sound dope.

8) 6 Tre Gangsta, S.T. & AC Burna – Feel the (Chris Brown)
The theme song to my fantasy football team, the (Chris) Browns. “I beat a bitch down / call me Chris Brown!” You gotta love that beat, too (heard on an interlude from the classic Starshipz & Rocketz). It sounds like someone accidentally set the renaissance fair in the hood.

9) Raekwon (ft. Ghostface) – Cold Outside
I’ve said before that gritty New York street rap is the new blues music. But I don’t think any traditional blues songs ever sounded this damn epic.

10) Young Buck – Bury Me Alive
As long as Buck stays angry and hungry like this, it’ll be 50’s career that’s buried long before Buck’s (via Cocaine Blunts).

11) Freddie Gibbs – Bussdown
Even when he’s hitting on broads, dude sounds like a menace.

12) Snoop Dogg – That’s the Homie
This almost makes up for that ridiculous reality show. (via Steady Bloggin)

13) Dam Funk – 10 West
Dude is on a roll. Damn near everything he drops makes it onto a Nordy mix.

14) Ninjasonik (ft. The Death Set, Hollywood Holt, Theophilus London & Cadence Weapon) – Negative ThinkingThis song has two big things going against it: it’s over 6 minutes long, and it features Cadence Weapon. Fuck it, it still bangs.

15) Donwill (ft. Elucid) – Barakaran
Elucid absolutely slays everything he touches. The Sub Bass Diet can’t get here soon enough.

16) Raekwon – Pyrex Vision
Ever wondered why the call him the Chef?

17) Red – I Should Tell Ya Momma On You (Dam Funk Remix)
Best song from a homeless beatboxer this year. Check out the video.

18) Reigning Sound – Something to Hold Onto
Dude’s like Craig Finn without the annoying voice.

19) Spider Bags – Trouble
The sound of self destruction.

20) The Love Language – Stars (Live on Daytrotter Session)
“Little girls tell the biggest lies” is one of those lyrics that you’ll always remember.

Bonus Track
Busy Signal – Up In Her Belly: It has been on my iPod for a while, so it’s not part of the September Mix…but this song was still everywhere in Trinidad (which was awesome).

2 responses to “September 2009 Mix

  1. Nice pic.

  2. just floating aruond the interwebs i don’t think i’ll be giving away any state secrets if say this: google rihanna mp3 acapella and you will probably turn up something

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