An Intro to UGK


This is not, by any means, a “best of.”  This isn’t me trying to post up the most influential or obscure UGK tracks we can find (I’m not going to pretend I roll that deep). This is just an intro to one of the greatest groups in hip-hop history.  80 minutes of the most accessable UGK — those songs that hold up best and still sound fresh today.  If you’ve yet to embrace UGK in your life, let this be your jumping off point. If you like what you hear, dig deeper…you won’t be disappointed.

1) UGK – It’s Supposed to Bubble
2) UGK – Ain’t That A Bitch (Dirty!)
3) Pimp C – Comin’ Up (Feat. Lil Flip & Z-Ro)
4) Bun B – Get Throwed (Chops Remix) (ft. Pimp C, Young Jeezy & Jay-Z)
5) Pimp C – Pourin Up (ft. Bun B & Mike Jones)
6) Beanie Sigel – Purple Rain (w/ Bun B)*
7) UGK – Swishas And Dosha
8) UGK – Int’l Players Anthem (I Choose You) Featuring Outkast
9) UGK – Quit Hatin’ The South Featuring Charlie Wilson And Willie D
10) UGK – Trill N****** Don T Die Featuring Z-Ro
11) UGK – Like That
12) UGK – Hit The Block Featuring T.I.
13) Bun B – Damn I’m Cold (featuring Lil’ Wayne)
14) Bun B – Pop It 4 Pimp (featuring Juvenile & Webbie)
15) UGK – Everybody Wanna Ball
16) UGK – 7th Street (Interlude)
17) UGK – Swishas And Erb Ft. Sleepy Brown
18) UGK – Texas Ave. (Interlude)
19) UGK – Da Game Been Good To Me

* I know, it’s not officially a UGK, Pimp C or Bun B track, but the song is incredible and it sounds much more like a UGK track than a Beanie track.

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