March 2009 Mix


Sorry for the delay.  Work has been nutty, and in my free time, I’d rather go outside or spend time with friends instead of sitting at the computer with my headphones on.  Hopefully the delay has just built up anticipation among my rabid cult following (ha!).

Good albums this month:

  • Spider Bags – A Celebration of Hunger
  • The Points – The Points: Both of these albums had songs featured on the February Mix.  I enjoyed those songs so much, I went out (er, logged onto and bought their albums.  I hope that some of the other songs I’ve posted have inspired some of you to buy something, or better yet, go to a show.  If so, let me know!
  • Pill – 4180 The Prescription: Killer Mike does not have weed carriers.  Pill put out the best mixtape so far this year.  Thanks to Noz for putting me on to this.

To those worried about the lack of good albums in 09, hold tight.  I’ve got a ton of shit that I can’t wait to listen to for next month: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, White Rabbits, UGK, The Thermals, MF Doom, Crystal Antlers, Brother Ali, and lord knows what other shit I put on my hard drive.  

As always, let me know if there’s anything I missed:

1) Rich Boy – Drop
It’s 09’s “A Mili”.  

2) Pill (ft. Killer Mike) – The Work’s Hard
These two should really do a whole album together.  P-I-double is buttery smooth, while Killer Mike is probably the hardest dude out there.  

3) Juvenile (ft. Jimi Jump) – Ta Pieces
New Juvie!  This is probably my favorite song on Uptown Nolia Boy, but there are definitely some other jams on there.

4) Pill – Dimes of Hard
Does Pill have someone in the Grind Time camp making beats for him as good as this, or is this jacked from someone else?  

5) Diplo and Blaqstarr – Get Off
Diplo (in 09, at least) > Timbaland.  No doubt.  But is Blaqstarr > Timberlake (in 09)?  Either way, it’s a reminder that Timbaland needs to quit messing with Chris Cornell and get back in the studio with JT.  Meanwhile, there’s this.

6) Michael Jacson – Pretty Young Thing (Demo) (U-Tern Edit)
U-Tern remixes never disappoint!  See also: July 07, April 08, and Feb 09.

7) The Phenomenal Handclap Band – Baby
I’m skeptical of any bands outside of the Daptone label who make “retro” black music.  But these guys are doing it right.  And this is the prefect song to bring us to the portion of the mix dedicated to my baby, who I will miss terribly while she’s out of the country these next three months. (thanks, Mixtape Riot)

8) Dave Sitek – With a Girl Like You
Off the somewhat disappointing Dark Was the Night compilation (too many slow songs).  But this one from the TV On the Radio mastermind(?) works for me.

9) Yeasayer – Tightrope
All Hour Cymbals is a very good album.  If this song is an indication of what they’ve  been doing since then, it sounds like Yeasayer is getting even better.

10) Reuben Bell & The Casanovas – It’s Not That Easy
While searching around the internets for some old 8Ball & MJG albums, of all things, I came across this excellent soul compilation

11) Just Brothers – Broke His Heart
…it wasn’t the strongest soul comp, start to finish…

12) Jean Wells – Have a Little Mercy
…but it had these three great songs.

13) Diego Bernal – Diego’s Donut (RIP Dilla) 
Something about the drums don’t sound all that “Dilla-esque” to me, but this beat is still dope.

14) Def Jef – Black to the Future (Extended Remix)
I guess Def Jef wasn’t the best rapper around, but this song stands up with all the other classics of the late 80’s.  Props to Matthew Africa at I Wish You Would.

15) Three 6 Mafia – Lick My Nutts
Any number of songs ask a girl to “lick my nutts.”  Three 6 put it over the top with the “suck my butt” part though.  You’d think I’d grow out of finding this shit funny one of these days…(props to Mad Decent)

16) Mood Swingaz – The Blessin’
If you were a hip-hop nerd like me back in the late 90’s, you probably remember checking the new releases at Sandbox or Hiphop Site (both apparently still in business!  who knew!) and getting geeked over shitty Real Audio snippets.  For some reason, this song eluded me for about a decade.  Anyone know anything about this group?

17) Blu – Since 
Off the HerFavoriteColo(u)r. mixtape, from the dude who looked bored as shit to be rappin’ in Raleigh last Friday.

18) Dam Funk – Hood Pass Intact
One of those songs that would make for great theme music whenever you walk into a room.

19) Po Po – Kill Tonight
Garage punk from the latest Mad Decent signings.  Better than anything on the latest Black Lips album.

20) The Points – Never Trust My Heart
There’s a great “lose your shit” moment around the 2:03 mark, followed by another at 2:44.  God, I’d love to see these guys live.

21) The Soft Pack – Walking With Jesus
You might remember them from when they were called the Muslims.  I’m glad they changed their name.

22) Jail – Always Wrong
Saw these guys open for Spider Bags and enjoyed them quite a bit.  

23) Spider Bags – Blood For You
Saw these guys close for Jail and enjoyed them quite a bit….even though the stuff they played sounded much different from the stuff on A Celebration of Hunger.  It still sounded great though and I’m looking forward to them dropping something new.

One response to “March 2009 Mix

  1. Man, appreciate the love on Pill’s 4180: the prescription. The new one, 4075: the refil is going to get kicked off in the recording process tonight….. good looks man!

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