February 2009 Mix


February 2009 will always be remembered for being the month where I finally got to see Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings (they killed), and I got to see the US beat Mexico 2-0 (once again).  Unfortunately, it won’t be remembered by me as a great month for albums.  I got nothing on the “good albums” list this month.  I guess I spent too much time this month listening to Dilla to really get into any new stuff.

That said, I think we’ve got another pretty good mix down below.

1) The Spider Bags – The Bottle
After twice hearing the boys from Titus Andronicus describe Chapel Hill’s Spider Bags as “the greatest band in the world” (immediately before proceeding into their cover of the Bag’s “Waking Up Drunk”), I finally got around to getting some of their songs.   If you like whiskey, you’ll like the Spider Bags.  I think I’ll have to drag myself over to Durham Thursday night to check them out live.

2) Harlem – Psychedelic Tits
They aren’t doing anything the Black Lips haven’t been doing already.  And the song title is cringe-worthy.  But dammit if this song didn’t bore its way into that part of your brain that makes you randomly sing aloud the words “psychedelic tits” while walking to work in the morning.

3) The Points – Feeling Sorry
DC’s answer to Jay Reatard.  

4) Lil’ Wayne (ft. Pharrell) – Yes
Holy shit, this is my song of the month.  Sometimes P annoys me, but who else comes up with insane beats like this one?  And Lil’ Wayne is at his weirdo-best on this one.

5) Wale – Dig-Dug
Maybe Dig-Dug and the “GIMME THAT PIE!!!” sample are references to some go-go classic.  But since I don’t know a thing about go-go, it just sounds absolutely bizarre and awesome.  

6) Ilyas – The Night’s Mine
These drums sound go-go-ish to me, as well.  Are we onto a new trend here?  If so, bring it on…this is definitely fresh.

7) Busta Rhymes – Don’t Touch Me (U-Tern’s Disco Mix)
I wholeheartedly endorse anything that U-Tern touches.  I can’t imagine that “Don’t Touch Me” was terribly easy to remix, given the multiple tempo changes in Busta’s flow on this song.  But U-Tern’s beat sticks with Busta every step of the way, and ends up outshining the original.

8) Spank Rock – Put That Pussy On Me (Diplo Tonite Remix)
Aren’t we about due for a new Spank Rock album?

9) Santogold (ft. Project Pat) – Shuvit
I never expected a Three-Six remix of a Santogold song, but props to whatever mad genius decided that it would be a good idea.

10) Jay Electronica (ft. Che Grand) – Hagler 
I still don’t know quite what to think of hip-hop’s proudest new dad.  He can hit some deep topics, and his beat selection is impeccable, but sometimes his flow is a bit awkward and his voice is nothing especially interesting.  But did I mention that his beat selection is impeccable?  

11) AB & Daru (ft. Black Milk) – On Deck
I don’t know a thing about AB & Daru, but a “ft. Black Milk” (or even better, “prod. by Black Milk”) will guarantee to get me to listen to your song.  

12) PPP (ft. Coultrain) – Angel (Wajeed Remix)
I don’t normally mess with R&B, but this knocks harder than about 99.5% of all hip-hop songs.  

13) Theophilus London – Cold Pillow
Reminds me of when Mos Def would start singing with Vinia.

14) Ced Hughes (ft. Donwill) – The Mighty
Not that it’s an either-or proposition, but Ced Hughes should be getting at least as much shine as Wale.  And of course, Don Dub comes with it, too.

15) Marvin Gaye – Got To Give It Up (Monk’s Lovers Rubdown)
I featured U-Tern’s fantastic remix of this song back in my July 2007 mix.  Here’s a nice little dubbed-out reggae remix, courtesy of Names You Can Trust.

16) Pure Essence – Wake Up
Don’t get seduced by that bubbling baseline…everybody still needs to wake the eff up.  What these guys were singing about in 1976 still (unfortunately) holds true today.  Courtesy of Soul Sides.

17) The Impressions – Can’t You See
At the end of January, I had a revelation: I had never heard an Impressions song that wasn’t completely awesome.  So I went ahead and downloaded as much of their stuff that’s available on Amazon.  It was one of the better decisions I’ve made in a while.

18) Cliff Nobles – Love Is All Right
Who else used that (incredible) horn line?  It’s killing me.

19) Tyrone Davis – A Woman Needs to Be Loved
Another Soul Sides sureshot.  RJD2 fans rejoice.

20) The Impressions – We Must Be In Love
As I noted up above, I listened to a lot of Dilla this month.  See where I’m going with this?

21) Jay Dee – Track 2 (Dilla Beats 3)
So, I broke the rules.  This little Dilla instrumental has been on my iPod for years.  

22) John Robinson – Black Gold
DOOM is quite underrated as a producer.

23) Cappadonna – What’s Really Up
Angry NY street-rap at its best.  Why do so many rappers not realize that they sound better when they step into the booth pissed off?  Not surprisingly, I got it at Unkut.

24) Raekwon (ft. Method Man & Ghostface Killah) – Wu Ooh
Will we ever hear Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2?  Will it be filled with classic Wu-bangers like this?  Stay tuned.

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