October 08 Mix


October…good month for live shows (Antibalas, Barack Obama, M.O.P., Crystal Antlers Jay Reatard), not a particularly fantastic month for new albums hitting my iPod. There were a couple of goodies though:

  • Karl Hector & the Malcouns – Sahara Swing: Yeah, none of the songs from this album made the monthly mix, but it’s still a great album. Sounds like the soundtrack for a blaxploitation flick set in Africa. Fans of the Budos Band will enjoy.
  • Jake One – White Van Music: Just an extremely solid album. Not many standout tracks, but just good beats, and a fun, diverse collection of quality MCs.
  • Elucid – Police & Thieves: A fantastic, free mixtape from Lessondary’s fiercest spitter. The only reason none of the songs made the monthly mix was because he was rhyming over tracks (77 Klash, Gnarls Barkley) that have already made monthly mixes.
  • TV On the Radio – Dear Science: Even my least favorite TVOTR album is better than pretty much everything else out there.
  • The Deadly Snakes – Porcella: This one came out in 2005, but it’s new to me. But pretty much all members of the Kukamongas are worth checking out.
  • 410 Pharaohs – 410 Funk: My favorite album of the month. Labtekwon gets busy over some B’more club music.

As always, let me know if there’s anything I missed.
1) The Deadly Snakes – High Prices Going Down
“I read the news and I heard it said, there’s 200 already dead”

2) Hopewell – Realms of Gold

3) TV on the Radio – DLZ
One of the few Dear Science songs where Tunde sounds awesomely pissed.

4) Spec Boogie – The Heartbeat (the Knife)

5) TV on the Radio – Crying
Like most of the album, even though this one sounds kinda light and poppy, the lyrics speak otherwise: “Time to take the wheel and the road / from the masters / take this car, drive it straight into the wall / build it back up from the floor.”

6) Orgasmic & Teki Latex – Sixpack Anthem (la tête dans les étoiles)
French hip-hop isn’t normally my thing, but who cares what they’re saying when they’ve got a beat like this one.

7) 410 Pharaohs – Hammer Dance
Sure, the Chapelle skits are now something like 4 years old, the Lil’ Jon drops on this song take it over the top. WHAT! YEAAAHH!

8) John Legend (ft. Andre 3000) – Greenlight (Diplo Dade County 1988 Mix)
Diplo turns a borderline corny song into borderline incredible.

9) 410 Pharaohs – Biterz
Booman chopped the hell out of Mos Def’s “Brown Sugar” for this one, while Labtekwon crafted one of the my favorite hooks of the year. “They want to bite this style, but they all get drowned, straight up in the Nile, crocodile!”

10) The Cool Kids – Delivery Man
If I ever started making beats, there’s a good chance there’d be an organ in nearly every song.

11) Kardinal Offishall (ft. the Clipse) – Set It Off
If I started making beats, I’d probably go overboard on air horns, too. Oh, and I’d be trying to get Malice and Pusha T to rhyme over my shit. However, I’d never let anyone give a generic name like “Set It Off” to one of my songs.

12) T.I. – I’m Illy
T.I. should only rap when angry.

13) Young Jeezy – Don’t You Know
If you took the 7 good songs off The Recession, and add them to the 6 good songs off Paper Trail, you’d have a pretty good album.

14) Jake One (ft. Bishop Lamont & Busta Rhymes) – Kissin’ the Curb
Let’s hope Bishop Lamont actually releases an album sometime soon, and doesn’t end up another Aftermath casualty.

15) Madlib (ft. Guilty Simpson) – Blow the Horns On ‘Em
“Blaze that kush, get high with your sister / when the pots consumed, cop a room / get her drunk, make love to her jaw / Guilty Simpson, n***a, your new brother-in-law”

16) DJ Babu (ft. M.O.P.) – Dearly Departed
M.O.P. stuck with the classics when I saw them. I can’t complain, because I had a blast. But they should think about adding this one to their live show.

17) Wale (ft. Young Chris, Freeway and Beanie Sigel) – Cyphr
Philly Freezer sounds great when he can bounce off other, less-excitable rappers. In fact, tag team raps need to make a big-time comeback. Enough of hip-hop “groups” trading off verses. Trade off bars, dammit. Word to Run-DMC.

18) Billy Danze – Savages
M.O.P. are back on it.

19) H.I.S.D. – Never Die
Are they the next Little Brother? They’ve gotten the ?uestlove endorsement, and they’re kind of boring, so it seems they’re halfway there. I’ll hold off on jumping on the bandwagon until they can prove they consistenly put together songs as great as this one (note: M.O.P. sample scratched in between verses…).

20) 6 Two – Weed an Snortin’
I never thought I’d hear someone turn the Beta Band’s “Squares” into an anthem about weed and coke. But I’m glad someone thought to do it. 6 Two is another Aftermath artist who has recorded with Dre, but basically hasn’t released shit. He should serve as a cautionary tale for Bishop Lamont.

21) Johnson & Jonson – Hold on John
Shhh. Don’t tell anyone about this song…I don’t think the Beatles like to be sampled.

2 responses to “October 08 Mix

  1. Good stuff, I like your musical tastes.

  2. Thank you, sir. I like your soccer tastes!

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