September 08 Mix

Note to all artists and labels: if you want me to remove any songs, please let me know!

Let’s hope Blogger doesn’t delete this one on me, like they did the August 08 Mix.

A ton of good stuff this month. Let’s get right to it:

  • Demon’s Claws – Satan’s Little Pet Pig: This one actually came out in 07, but it’s new to me. I think I read about these guys in a King Khan interview somewhere. They sound like a Texas version of the Black Lips…that happens to be from Montreal.
  • Spiritualized – Songs in A&E: This album is kind of like the opposite of the one above. Lush, orchestral, beautiful. This was the one band at Pitchfork Music Festival that I hadn’t heard before, but really struck me as great.
  • The Walkmen – You & Me: Another album that’s prettier than most of the stuff I normally listen to. If you liked the White Rabbits stuff I posted in July, you’ll love this album. Coincidentally, both opened for Spoon back in April before I’d heard of either of them. I’d love to see that show again now that I’m familiar.
  • Madlib – Beat Konducta Vol. 5: Dil Cosby Suite: Madlib’s instrumental tribute to J Dilla. This is how you do a beat tape, kids. Keep the beats short and sweet. Keep it moving, and sprinkle in some random interludes between the songs to keep things interesting.
  • V/A – Nigeria Disco Funk Special: Sound of the Underground Lagos Dancefloor 1974-1979: One where the title tells it all. How could an album with that title not be completely f*ck*ng awesome?
  • Ced Hughes – What Up Tho?!: The latest mixtape from the pride of Currituck County. You might remember Ced from the January 08 Mix. I don’t even know if I want him to release a real album as long as he keeps pumping out mixtapes that are this great.
  • The Mighty Hannibal – Hannibalism!: Another one I checked out on the advice of King Khan. Check out King Khan hanging out with Mighty Hannibal here.

As always, let me know if there’s something you think I missed:

1) Demon’s Claws – Wrong Side of Town
Here’s where Demon’s Claws really sound like the Black Lips. But better.

2) Spiritualized – You Lie You Cheat
Sounds like some classic mid-90’s alternative British band that I missed out on because I only listened to Tribe Called Quest back then. Is this what bands like Pulp and Blur sound like?

3) That Ghost – I Crossed Out the Options
Sounds like the Strokes, if the Strokes were still interesting. The first 16 seconds, where the drums sound like you’ve got your record player at the wrong speed, are pretty awesome. Not bad for an 18-year old kid.

4) The Walkmen – Postcards from Tiny Islands
As much as I like that fun, sloppy, garage rock sh*t, sometimes it’s nice to listen to a band that can write songs, play instruments, and that’s fronted by a singer who can actually sing.

5) Demon’s Claws – Hunting on the 49
Here’s where Demon’s Claws really sounds like a Texas version of the Black Lips. But maybe it’s really about Idaho?

6) Madlib – Sacrifice (Beat-A-Holic Thoughts)
Hopefully some MCs will start rapping over these beats, just like they did with Dilla’s Donuts.

7) ??? – Breakthrough
A cover of the rock song “Breakthrough” by Atomic Rooster off of DJ O-Dub’s Deep Covers 2: Mas Profundo. According to the liner notes, his is by some unnamed Nigerian band. Perhaps I’ll be able to ask O-Dub who the band is when he DJ’s my wedding (fingers crossed that this actually happens).

8) Dr. Adolf Ahanotu – Ijere
If John McCain gets his health care plan passed, Dr. Adolf Ahanotu might be the only doctor I’ll be able to afford to go see. In all seriousness, what kind of asshole proposes a plan that will, based on conservative estimates, cause 20 million people to lose their health insurance?

9) Bongos Ikwue & The Groovies – You’ve Got To Help Yourself
A song title that describes McCain’s health care plan! Sometimes the jokes write themselves…
By the way, the horns on this one kill. That echo effect makes the horn section sound awesome! Props to whoever produced this one.

10) Passion Pit – Sleepyhead
If Animal Collective didn’t make inaccessible, pretentious b*llsh*t, this is what they’d sound like.

11) Ced Hughes – W.O.W. Shampoo
Not sure what the song title means. Whip’em Out Wednesday? Whatever. Ced rips it over Oh No’s “Exp Out the Ox.”

12) 8thw1 (ft. Che Grand & Von Pea) – Flawed
8thw1 sounds a bit too much like Eminem to me, but the beat is sick, and Che and Von Pea kill it, per usual.

13) Busta Rhymes – Stay Packing Them Things
I guess I’m a sucker for beats with organs. Particularly ones that sound like “the organs from Fat Albert.” This is the Busta I know and love. Sounds like it could be a lost track off of The Coming.

14) The Beatards – Big Bad Beat
If the Beastie Boys were any good any more, they’d be making songs that sound like this. Yo, Captain, is that a slide whistle?

15) Jay-Z – Jockin’ Jay-Z
How is the guy who made this beat also responsible for one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard?

16) John Brown – Sarah Palin (I Wanna Lay Pipe)
Best song of the month. I’ve had the chorus to this one in my head for weeks. Who ever would have thought that the idiot who spent his time on The White Rapper Show walking around aimlessly and occasionally saying “hallelujah holla back.” And while most of the song is joking around, he comes with some heat on the last verse: “you think you part of God’s plan? tell them kids in the coff-ans.”

17) Madlib – Anthenagin’ (?)
To those who don’t think hip-hop can be beautiful.

18) The Mighty Hannibal – The Truth Shall Make You Free
I send this one out to all the Hydrant Sippin readers out there chasing the dragon.

19) Ruby Johnson – I’ll Run Your Hurt Away
Written by Isaac Hayes (RIP). Thanks to O-Dub for continuing to school the masses.

20) Cool Calm Pete – Gitty Up Baby!
Dopest Asian American rapper alive. What up, Rick!

21) The Mighty Hannibal – We’re Gonna Make It
Potential first dance material? Probably a bit mellodramatic, but if you’re getting married (*cough* D-Watt, *cough cough*), you’ve gotta put this one on your short list.

22) The Walkmen – In the New Year
I will be pressing play on this song at 12:01 am, January 1, 2009. Then I will make out.

23) Spiritualized – Sweet Talk
Imagine sitting in a park under a shady tree towards the end of a beautiful summer day. Can you imagine a better soundtrack to the setting sun than this song? So yeah, that’s how I came to love me some Spiritualized.

24) Oxford Collapse – Bikini As Hole
One thing I hate about buying stuff off iTunes: no liner notes. Is it me, or does that sound like a John Darnielle guest spot around the 3:00 mark?

25) Demon’s Claws – Cecile Lemay
Who stole Cecile Lemay’s head?

One response to “September 08 Mix

  1. RE: Big Bad Beat

    Actually the high pitched sound is the sound a Serrato record makes. So is the bass line too… just played really slow.


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