August 2008 Mix (third try…WTF!)

OK, for some reason, Blogger hates my August 2008 mix. Twice I’ve put up my post, and twice, Blogger has deleted all traces of my post. This is the third attempt.

Not a great month for albums, but I think we’ve still got a pretty good little mix this month. I apologize for the week-long delay, but it was tough to get internet access in any of the national parks, and when I was in Vegas I was having too much fun doing Vegas things to sit on my computer for several hours. Hopefully you’ll find it was worth the wait.
Albums I liked this month:
  • Oxford Collapse – Bits: Bits is a little more subtle than their last album, Remember the Night Parties, but still quite enjoyable. It’s an album that grows on you with repeated listens, and makes for good road trip music, which is nice since Arizona takes forever to drive across.
  • Vordal Mega – Megagraphitti: More than any other rapper I can think of, Vordul makes blues music. It’s just modern, urban blues music that chronicles the decay and despair of the ghetto rather than songs about some old shit that went down in some backwoods Mississippi town. Incidentally, Megagraphitti makes for terrible road trip music, but it’s still an excellent album.
As always, let me know if there’s something you think I missed this month.
1) Menahan Street Band – Home Again!
After two weeks vacation, it’s not so bad to be home again. Although I don’t know if I’d add the exclamation point
2) Eddie Holman – Four Walls
Seems perverse to put a breakup song on my mix the same month I got engaged, but this old tune gives Lee Fields’ “Could Have Been” (off last month’s mix) a run for its money.
3) Madvillain – Runnin Around With Another
I’m not sure why Madlib decided to remix a classic album. Particularly one that’s been remixed before. But I can’t complain about more Madlib beats like this one.
4) Lessondary All-Stars – Lessondary Nose
N.E.R.D.’s “Everybody Nose” is pretty damn annoying (which, come to think of it, is par for the course for almost all N.E.R.D. songs). But every cloud has a silver lining, and hearing Von Pea, Elucid, Che Grand and Spec Boogie do their thing makes up for (yet another) musical abortion from Pharrell and Chad.
5) Notorious B.I.G. – Machine Gun Funk (Original DJ Premier Version)
Ready to Die would have been better if they could have gotten this version on it. Either way, I’m just glad that Biggie gave us the line “Alls I want is bitches, big bootie bitches!” Makes me laugh every time.
6) Rhymefest – Real N***a Quotes
From an old Primo beat, to a new one. It had been a while since a Primo beat really got me amped, but this is nice. “That’s why I say f*ck them all / Hillary, Jesse Jack, even Barack is involved / when police beatin’ our ass none of y’all do a damn thang / but you can raise a hundred million for a campaign?”
7) Vordul Mega (ft. Vast Aire) – AK-47
Now is the time where I make my monthly plea for a new Cannibal Ox album.
8) Re-Up Gang – Been Through So Much
I can’t even tell you what a disappointment the Re-Up Gang album is. I never would have expected these guys to mail it in so blatantly. But this song is still pretty nice. Interesting that they repeated one of the verses from We Got It For Cheap Vol. 3 where Malice goes after Skateboard P.
9) Vordul Mega (ft. Billy Wood) – Opium Scripts
Seriously, get me another f*cking Can Ox album before Vordul commits suicide.
10) Santogold – Guns of Brooklyn
Nice little dubbed-out take on “Guns of Brixton”.
11) Xray – Turbulence Dubplate (Starstruck Diplo Mix)
Yes, you’ve heard this beat on a previous monthly mix, but it’s just too nice to not put it up again.
12) MF Doom – Sniper Elite
The first time I heard Donuts, I thought, “this is dope, but I could never imagine anyone actually rhyming over any of these beats.” Fast forward a year and a half, and nearly every one of these beats has been rhymed over…and nearly every one is dope.
13) Murs – Murs Inatra
The third installment of Murs and 9th Wonder collaborations is probably my least favorite, but it’s got some moments of magic.
14) Rich Boy – Haters Wish
My southwest roadtrip was spent in a minivan. Haters wished they could…
15) Opio (ft. Del & Guilty Simpson) – Superfly (Remix)
Just take a look at that lineup of MCs. Was there any chance of this song not making my mix?
16) Ghostface Killah – Daytona 500 (Panza Zandahz My Iron Lung Remix)
I know. Mashups went out of style about 7 years ago. And this one is at least a couple of years old. But sometimes they just work, dammit.
17) Oxford Collapse – The Birthday Wars
This song makes me want to do a keg stand. Coincidentally, football started this weekend (go Panthers!). Toss this on at your next tailgate.
18) Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson – Woodfriend
Currently on tour with TV on the Radio. Sadly, they aren’t hitting NC.
19) The War on Drugs – Taking the Farm
I’ve yet to understand the lyrics to a War on Drugs song. “I’m taking the farm out from under your knees”? But something about the chugging beat and the slightly country-fied guitars make it sound like you’re looking out the window of a train somewhere west of the Mississippi.
20) Oxford Collapse – B-Roll
Awww…they sound like they’re growing up.
21) Plants & Animals – Feedback in the Field
Currently on tour with fellow Canadians, Born Ruffians. Luckily, they are hitting NC.
22) Beck – Walls
I’d of rather heard Cee-Lo over this Danger Mouse beat, but I’d pretty much rather hear Cee-Lo over anybody’s beats.
23) Dam-Funk – Galactic Fun
Stones Throw released two new Dam-Funk electro bangers last month on the Burgandy City 12″. This one is the winner. I eagerly await a full album.
24) Lil’ Wayne – Robo Tussin (A Millie Flying Lotus Remix)
I love when a remix completely reinvents the original, but still sounds awesome. It’s rare, but when it hits, it hits.

3 responses to “August 2008 Mix (third try…WTF!)

  1. “I’m not sure why Madlib decided to remix a classic album” — ?

    Because he could, and apparently he does all the time. Good thing we get to hear this one. That track is also my favorite off the record.

    You cop the box set too?

  2. I did not grab the box set.

    Last summer, I went to a MF Doom “show” in SF. It was one of the shows where he sent some skinny guy to lip sync for 20 minutes or so. Even though I still check for his music, he isn’t getting any more of my dough.

  3. I was a little confused by all that MF DOOM “fake” shit myself, but the longer it went on i suddenly got it, and i actually have more love for Doom now than ever.

    I have no idea if this is what’s really behind it or not, but basically Doom is like the andy kaufman of rap. He’s said it all along that the “game” of pop music is phony, and he’s said all along that he’s a villain.

    I’ve been to two GREAT doom shows (one solo in San francisco where he performed tracks off madvillain before it was released) and the madvillain release party in LA (with Jaylib) – possibly the best hip hop show i’ve been to. But i’ve been to a lot of shows with tons of geeks and knuckleheads. Why should Doom, apparently a grown man, care what a bunch of teenagers in baggy jeans think about him? To me, it’s hilarious. I’ve been a fan since 1999 and i’ll be a fan in 2009.

    And the box set is dope, actually.

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