Mandatory Pitchfork Recap in Haiku


Public Enemy
Flav is late(?) gets booed.
Chuck fakes he’s not embarassed.
S-1’s step! Slowly.


Jay Reatard
It’s raining a bit.
Reatard plays fast while King Khan
jokes on side of stage.

Fleet Foxes
This is real pretty,
but it’s putting me to sleep.
Let’s get the beers in.

Fuck Buttons
This shit sounds awful
How did they get good reviews?

Dizzee Rascal
Yeah, it’s sunny out!
Uh-oh, Dizzee’s shirt is off.
Has he been juicing?

Vampire Weekend
These kids look so young,
but they sound incredible –
great summer music.

The Hold Steady
Beer and pulled pork. Pulled
pork and beer. Beer and pulled pork.
Wow, I’m fucking drunk!

King Khan (at Bottom Lounge)
King Khan is my new
God. My friend loses hipster
glasses. Ironic.


High Places
Wicked hangover.
Find spot in shade for nap. High
Places sooth my pain.

Holly shit that’s loud,
and not good at all. Way to
ruin my nap. Dicks.

Les Savy Fav
Tim dances with girl
right next to me, gets muddy,
surfs in garbage can.

Ghostface Killah & Raekwon
Upset of the day:
J-Love drops zero n-bombs.
No “Apollo Kids” :-(

Spoon sound great with horns,
but my feet are killing me.
Hey, it’s Bradford Cox.

One response to “Mandatory Pitchfork Recap in Haiku

  1. it is ironic. just you wait to see the next glasses. love the poems, you are an inspiration.

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