PSA: Rec Specs

Hydrant Sippin’ would like to offer a public service announcement to all hipsters planning to enter the mosh pit at a the next King Kahn & the Shrines show, or the next Black Lips show*: buy some fucking rec specs! If you don’t wear rec specs, your dumb hipster glasses are probably going to be knocked off your dumb hipster head. You’ll feel like an asshole if King Kahn, for example, has to kill the momentum of a fucking amazing show, just so the crowd can search the ground for your now-crumpled eyewear. Word to Kurt Rambis.

The June 2008 Mix is going to be a couple of days late. I’ve been at work. All month. Seriously. Hopefully, they’ll let me out soon.

* Are there any other bands’ shows that feature hipsters moshing? I think those two bands pretty much cover it.

One response to “PSA: Rec Specs

  1. Great hammer of Thor, that is pofweurlly helpful!

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