March 2008 Mix


I’m not feeling terribly motivated today, so I’m going to keep it short and sweet.

Good albums this month:

  • Erykah Badu – New Amerykah Pt. 1: Glad to have her back after such a long layoff.
  • Roddy Rod – Blunt Park Sessions: Reminiscent of Madvillain or Uncut Raw’s First Toke
  • Born Ruffians – Red, Yellow & Blue: Like Vampire Weekend without the baggage
  • Ilwil – Tanya Morgan Presents Beat Thieves 2: Quality mixtape from Cincinnati’s finest. Check em out on tour (Chapel Hill on 4/12). Download here.
  • Jamie Lidell – Jim: A worthy follow-up to his fantastic 2005 debut, Multiply…not better, but worthy
  • Del the Funkyhomosapien – The 11th Hour: It’s actually pretty mediocre, but I’m a Del dickrider

As always, let me know if there was something good that I missed.

1) Erykah Badu – Soldier
Rest in peace to the 4,000 we’ve lost in a stupid war. This song’s not about that, but March was about that.

2) Billy Paul – Let the Dollar Circulate
Word to Ben Bernanke.

3) Jamie Lidell – Hurricane
There’s never been a hurricane named Jim.

4) Quintron & Miss Pussycat – Jamskate
Saw Quintron open for the Black Lips, and he blew me away. Best live show I’ve seen in a while, although I could have done without the puppet show. Anyways, thought this song appropriate since March marked the first time I’ve ever been to a roller derby.

5) Quintron & Miss Pussycat – Wild West (Bank)
A good song, but you definitely need to catch them live to get a real feel for the Quintron experience.

6) Jamie Lidell – Figure it Out (LA Garage Remix)
Another artist whose live show is much different from his recorded work.

7) Erykah Badu – Honey
I still can’t believe this is a 9th Wonder production. Good work, Mr. Douthit.

8) Kidz in the Hall – Dreamin’ (Baby I’m the Sh*t)
The Kidz keep making appearances on my monthly mixes, even though I’d never call them one of my fave’s. But I’m starting to anticipate their new one The In Crowd due out in May.

9) Spec Boogie – Bed Stuy
One of the Lessondary’s finest. Von Pea on the beat. These two should do an album together.

10) Shawty Lo (ft. Ludacris, 4-Ize, Young Jeezy & Plies) – They Know (Dey Know) Remix
Nice to hear Luda slaughter a bunch of other jokers on an all-star remix. “6 David Beckham’s or a trunk full of kickers!” Appropriate, given that March marks the opening of MLS season 13.

11) Roddy Rod (feta. Y.U.) – Actions Show
Not to be confused with Rod Roddy.

12) The Cool Kids – Action Figures
Good to hear Young Anakin rapping about something besides his clothes or his bike.

13) Ilyas – Fire & Brimstone
One third of Tanya Morgan gets all emo on your ass.

14) Amp Live (ft. Del the Funkyhomosapien) – Video Tapez
Zion I producer Amp Live decided to remix In Rainbows and get a bunch of his rapper friends to rhyme over them. Del should consider letting Amp do all his beats on his next album since this is probably better than anything on 11th Hour.

15) Roddy Rod (ft. Kaimbar) – Whip
Cool song…cool video.

16) Nubian Crackers (ft. Artifacts) – Do You Wanna Hear It?
Rough rugged and raw. Mid 90s were such a great era for hip-hop that I totally forgot about this gem.

17) Amp Live (ft. Too $hort & MC Zumbi) – Nudez
Maybe Too $hort should get Amp Live to do all his beats, too. Or maybe he should collab with Thom Yorke. I’m sure it would be a dream come true for Thom.

18) Born Ruffians – Barnacle Goose
Saw these guys in March. Enjoyed it quite a bit.

19) Nick Lowe – 36 Inches High
An oldie but a goodie.

20) The Black Keys – So He Won’t Break
The new one from the Black Keys is OK. Despite working with Danger Mouse, they were able to hold on to their blues-y sound. But DM gives it a smoother shine, while also making it sound a little darker in that way that he does.

21) Born Ruffians – Kurt Vonnegut
I’m a sucker for songs that lend themselves to drunken sing-alongs.

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