October 07 Mix

1) Bobby Byrd – I’m Not to Blame
I didn’t listen to much old soul music this month, but this song can’t be denied. Those horns are epic. Unless you’ve heard this song before, “U Don’t Know.” RIP Bobby.

2) Bilal – MILF
Until D’Angelo puts his crack pipe down and gets his fat ass of his couch, Bilal’s the king of this R&B sh**. This is from producer 88 Keys’ upcoming debut (Feb 08). It’s a rough mix, but that hasn’t stopped me from keeping it on repeat.

3) Esau Mwamwaya – Tengazako (Flyin’ Planes Remix)
Yeah, he’s singing over the beat from one of M.I.A.’s songs on last month’s mix. But first, that beat is incredible and won’t get old for me anytime soon (thanks, Diplo). And second, he’s the best Malawian singer I’ve heard this month.

4) Rastiero – Que Delicia
OK, after this song, we’ll return to our regularly scheduled English-language programming.

5) Dude ‘N Nem – Watch My Feet
Welcome back to songs in English. Just to ease the transition, we’re going to keep the lyrics about as simple as possible. Can anyone who listens to “urban radio” tell me if this song’s a hit or not? It should be. Yeah, it’s silly, but it’s pretty tough to listen and not be automatically put in a good mood. YA DIIIIIIIG?

6) Pete Rock (ft. Jim Jones & Max B) – We Roll

Pete’s back. I wasn’t really checking for him lately, but with his work on Talib Kweli’s album, and now this beat, I’m a believer again. Such an amazing beat, you almost don’t notice what a horrible rapper Max B is.

7) Oh No – Action (Rap Version)
At what point do we start referring to Madlib as Oh No’s older brother?

8) The Beatnuts – Let Off A Couple
For some reason, I never really got into the Beatnuts back when I was a kid. I should of. I guess they just got lost in the flood of classic hip-hop releases from 1994.

9) Piakhan – Gangsta
Remember that guy with the guest verse on Reflection Eternal’s “Touch You”? The dude with one of the sickest flows in hip-hop? Well, 7 years later, he finally has an album. It’s pretty good.

10) Gemini (ft. Lupe Fiasco) – We On
October was the month where Lupe effed up the lyrics to “Electric Relaxation” during the VH-1 Hip Hip Honors tribute to A Tribe Called Quest. Sadly, that moment overshadowed that Lupe is one half of an incredible new song with his boy Gemini. Man, more rap groups need to rock the “tag team” style instead of just lazily trading verses. Word to Run DMC.

11) Supreme Team (Madlib & Karriem Riggins) – See
If it’s half as good as Madlib’s past collabo albums (Jaylib & Madvillain) then the Supreme Team album will be a must-own. “You gotta cop that.”

12) J Dilla (ft. MF Doom & Guilty Simpson) – Mash’s Revenge
I’m still mad at MF Doom for sending lip-syncing impostors in his place to perform at shows . But I can never be mad about any song with Guilty Simpson over a J Dilla beat.

13) Bart Simpson – Do the Bartman (So Krispy Remix)

From Guilty to Bart (not related).

14) Quasimoto – Hydrant Game (Jaylib Remix)

One of my favorite Jay Dee beats of all time. “Don’t go away mad girl, just go away.”

15) Talib Kweli – Kweli Says Go
A mixtape track over yet another Dilla donut.

16) Kanye West (ft. Mos Def & Al Be) – Goodbye
Graduation bonus track. Blows away the actual album track with Mos Def (“Drunk & Hot Girls” is the one track I skip on an otherwise fantastic album).

17) Aesop Rock (ft. John Darnielle) – Coffee
This song’s my October theme song. The video screams October as well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1-nVUedOYM . The strongest track off an amazing album. The John Darnielle guest vocals are pretty nice (having guest vocals from Durham residents is always a good look). Would I like the Mountain Goats? I’m officially intrigued.

18) Les Savy Fav – Brace Yourself
I guess these RISD grads have been around forever, but Let’s Stay Friends is the first of their albums I’ve listened to. This song doesn’t quite rock as hard as the rest of the album.

19) Angels of Light – Black River Song
I don’t know anything about this band, nor do I know where I got this song.

20) Liars – Plaster Casts of Everything

Wow. I couldn’t get into Drum’s Not Dead at all. But this self-titled album rocks out with it’s cock out.

21) Radiohead – Bodysnatchers
Um, did you hear that Radiohead released a new album. It’s quite good, and you should all have it by now. Since the other “rock” songs on this mix truly ROCK, I had to include the mostrockingest song from In Rainbows.

22) Liars – Clear Island
Sounds like something you’d hear at the monthly meeting of People Against Goodness And Normalcy (P.A.G.A.N.).

23) Les Savy Fav – The Equestrian
This song rocks a bit harder than the rest of their album.

24) Liars – Cycle Time
This song was built for Ozzy. I guess Angus Andrew’s Ozzy impression will have to do. Works for me. I think if your name is Angus, you’re allowed to do Ozzy impressions.

25) Radiohead – Jigsaw Falling Into Place
In Rainbows has grown on me quite a bit. Hopefully this mix will do the same. Either way, both are free, so who cares.


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