November 07 Mix

1) Menahan Street Band – Make The Road By Walking
New group featuring members of the Dap-Kings, the Budos Band and El Michels Affair. Full-length coming early 2008.

2) Jay-Z – Roc Boys (And The Winner Is..)
Does that horn line sound familiar?

3) Kanye West – A Million And One Questions
I liked American Gangster pretty good, but Jay needs to get back with producers like Primo.

4) David Banner – Us and the Gunz
Fun fact of the day: Mr. Banner was president of the Student Government Association while at Southern University. Student government kids at Wake Forest were complete douchebags, for what it’s worth.

5) The Shape Of Broad Minds – Changes
Philly producer Jneiro Jarel is a weirdo. His stuff doesn’t always hit on Craft of the Lost Art, but it’s always pretty interesting.

6) The Budos Band (ft. Wale) – Chicago Falcon (The Washington Sq. Lads & Mark Ronson Remix)
Scion makes some ugly cars, but their marketing budget is great for hip-hop. Not only did I get to see Ghostface Killah for free this month (GFK quote: “when we do that song in cities like Utah, n****s don’t know the words like you guys.”), but they also put out a mixtape of remixes from Daptone Records artists (Budos Band, Sharon Jones, Daktaris, etc.). Download all 9 songs here .

7) Mr. Vegas – Heads High
A dancehall classic that I just never had on my iPod before.

8) Johnny Osbourne (ft. Bunny Brown) – Love Makes the World Go Around
Dub meets doo-wop.

9) Amy Winehouse – Cupid
This is actually an old Sam Cooke song even though Winehouse makes it sound like a Specials song.

10) Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings – How Long Do I Have To Wait For You (Ticklah Remix)
Antibalas keyboard player Ticklah gives Sharon Jones the dub treatment.

11) Ticklah (ft. Mayra Vega) – Si Hecho Palante
You’ve hopefully heard Mayra Vega before on Antibalas’ incredible cover of “Che Che Cole”. If you haven’t heard it, you can get it here. More dub goodness from Ticklah.

12) Verkys et l’orchestre Veve – Lina Omasana Boye Pt.2
The Captain (of Captain’s Crate fame) has been crate digging in Africa the past few months. His work is our reward.

13) Oh No – Exp Out the Ox
Oh No > Madlib?

14) Yeasayer – Sunrise
Pitchfork describes Yeasayer as “one of the better bands to put a new spin on (David Byrne’s) polyrhythmic convulsing.” I would describe them as, “indie music with lots of drums.” That’s why they get paid to write about music.

15) Tulsa – Breath Thin
They’re kind of like a melancholy My Morning Jacket. The best band from Boston since Street Credit (what up, Vep)?

16) Iron & Wine – White Tooth Man
I normally don’t get down with pretty singer-songwriter sh*t, so I wasn’t expecting much from Iron & Wine’s latest. His old stuff was mostly bare-bones acoustic. With this latest one though, he’s stepped up his game, including a full band, and placing a bigger emphasis on percussion (have I mentioned before that I really like drums?).

17) Yeasayer – Wintertime
This creepy singalong would sound perfectly in place on Liars’ latest album. Or some classic Black Sabbath.

18) Iron & Wine – Carousel

This should soothe you back out after that last Yeasayer song. Sounds like a guy with a beard singing underwater.

19) Lee Moses – California Dreaming
I love myself some cover songs. And while few songs have been covered as often as this one , few have been so soulful.

20) Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum & Durr – You Can’t Blame Me
Life’s been good for the group’s tenor, Mike Tatum. Tatum now lives in Cincinnati, where he’s retired, and spends most of his days watching his wife wash his car in her Daisy Dukes (sorry, inside joke).

21) Larry Ellis & Black Hammer – Funky Thing (Pt. 1)
Who do you think pulled more ass: Larry Ellis, or Black Hammer?

22) Jay-Z (ft. Nas) – Success
I feel like I’ve heard that organ wail somewhere before. For the record “Success” > “Black Republicans.”


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