March 07 Mix

1) Tammi Terrell – Baby Don’t You Worry
A nice little Motown soul ditty. Some feel-good music to play on a Sunday morning when you’re sitting around the house, reading the paper, drinking coffee and trying to overcome your hangover. Courtesy of the great
2) El Michels Affair – Too Late to Turn Back
El Michels Affair are a cool little instrumental funk band. Last year, they made a name for themselves backing the Wu-Tang Clan at some shows. A few of their Wu instrumentals were released as singles last year, but it wasn’t until this month that I found out that they released a full album in 2005. It’s really really good stuff.
3) El Michels Affair – Detroit Twice
Many of their songs have a vaguely familiar feeling. I’m not sure how many are covers versus originals.
4) Assagai – Cocoa
The Captain’s Crate ( is the go-to spot for cool music from around the world.
5) Antibalas – Hilo
See what I mean. This one’s a pretty low simmer…very laid back and cool. But an amazing song, none the less.
6) King Sporty – A Year Full of Sundays
Who wouldn’t want a year full of Sundays (as long as it’s football season, anyways)? Also, who wouldn’t want to be called “King Sporty”? Supposedly, this guy penned Bob Marley’s “Buffalo Soldier.” Another one from the Captain’s Crate.
7) Matumbi – Law of the Land
A pretty weird reggae song. The horns and strings sound like something straight out of an Isaac Hayes or Curtis Mayfield song. If you’re a real geek, you’ll recognize this song from Soul Supreme’s remix of Nas’s “Ether”. But you’d really be a geek if you pointed that out, so you should probably just keep that to yourself.
8) Jay Dee – Nothing Like This
Go watch the video now! ( Incredible.
9) Jay Dee – Wild
This was one of the previously unreleased “Ruff Draft” tracks that showed up on the re-issue. The track is indeed wild, with some drums that sound like somebody shuffling along, then tripping on the pavement. Oh yeah, the hook’s got some little British kid singing AC/DC’s “Come on Feel the Noise.” Bizarre, but awesome.
10) Black Milk (ft. Slum Village) – Action
Black Milk is an up-and-coming Detroit MC and producer. Some go so far as to say he’s filling the void left by Jay Dee, but that’s hyperbole. His album “Popular Demand” has it’s moments, but is a bit uneven. One of the best moments is this song here with Dilla’s old group Slum Village.
11) Black Milk – So Gone
This song is also quite nice
12) Consequence (ft. Kanye West) – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
Q-Tip’s cousin / Kanye’s weed-carrier finally drops his debut album, a full 11 years after making his debut on Tribe’s “Beats Rhymes & Life.” Here, his weed owner drops by to help out the album’s best song.
13) Ghostface Killah – In the Parks
Lyrical darts over the classic “Dance To The Drummer’s Beat” break.
14) Ghostface Killah – No No No
Tony Starks kills it over Dawn Penn’s reggae standard “No No No,” but couldn’t he at least come up with a more original name for his version?
15) Ted Leo & the Pharmacists – The Unwanted Things
Despite having an out in the open man-crush on Ted Leo (word to Wakefield, RI), I was underwhelmed by “Living With the Living” on first listen. Part of the reason, is that Ted tries to change the pace and tries some new things with some of the songs. This one is certainly a change-up from his traditional style, but I think it works really well.
16) The Ponys – Double Vision
Sad I missed their 3/22 show at the Cat’s Cradle. But grilling out and watching basketball won the day.
17) Modest Mouse – Steam Engenius
Something about the guitars in the non-chorus part of this song remind me of that Pink Floyd video where that Native American dude jumps off a cliff and turns into an eagle.
Ted Leo & the Pharmacists – The Sons of Cain
This is that classic Ted Leo sound that I love. I expected more of the album to sound like this. But the other songs are growing on me.
19) The Ponys – Everyday Weapon
I’m running out of things to say. This song is pretty kick-ass.
Ted Leo & the Pharmacists – Rappaport’s Testament: I Never Gave Up
People who pre-ordered “Living With the Living” got a bonus EP called “Mo Living.” People who are cheap downloaded both of them. People who are cheap were also surprised to learn that this is a cover of a Chumbawumba song!
Ted Leo & the Pharmacists – Timorous Me
On AOL’s the Interface, Ted played this solo version of the classic “Tyranny of Distance” track.
Ted Leo & the Pharmacists – Brass in Pocket
Ted also stopped by a fund raiser for New Jersey radio station WFMU, where he played this cover version of The Pretenders classic.
23) Modest Mouse – March Into the Sea
Isaac Brock at his wild-yelping best.


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