February 07 Mix

1) Frank Cardona y sus Alegres Tejanos – Funky Nassau
I thought Nassau was just conch fritters, and white people getting their hair braided. Apparently, it’s incredibly funky, too. This one came via Soul Sides ( http://soul-sides.com/)…easily my favorite music blog.
2) Ellen McIlwaine – Toe Hold
Ellen is apparently a slide guitar legend. But here, it’s that funky drumming that I really like. This one comes from another incredible blog, the Captain’s Crate ( http://bywayof.net/captains_crate.html).
3) Curtis Mayfield – Now You’re Gone
You can never have too much Curtis in your life.
4) Jay Dee – 5/8
February marks the one year anniversary of the passing of hip-hop producer Jay Dee (aka Dilla). RIP.
5) Little Brother (ft. O-Dash) – One Eleven
Durham, NC’s own Little Brother released a free mixtape, And Justus For All. Take a look, and you can download the whole thing yourself: ( http://www.google.com/search?q=little+brother+and+justus+for+all&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a).
6) Jay-Z – Song Cry (Dilla Remix)
Some guy named DJ Soul is putting together an “Assorted Donuts” mixtape, blending vocals from other rappers over Jay Dee beats. This one couldn’t work much better…I’m definitely interested to hear how the rest of the project works.
7) Nas (ft. Nas f/MC Shan, Raheem, Doctor Ice, Kangol, Kool Moe Dee, Sha Rock, Tito, Grandmaster Caz, Lique, Dana Dane, Pebblee Poo & Just Ice) – Where Are They Now? (80s Remix)
February is Black History Month, after all. If you do some searching, you’ll also be able to find a 90s Remix, and a West Coast Remix. Both are worth checking out.
8) Smif-N-Wessun – Wreckonize Remix
Speaking of “where are they now?”, whatever happened to Smif-N-Wessun? These guys were the Clipse before the Clipse were the Clipse. This is an old remix from the mid 90s.
9) Sean Price (ft. Steele from Smif-N-Wessun) – Oops Upside Your Head
I joked to my girlfriend that February 07 would consist only of Sean Price and Arcade Fire songs. Sean Price dropped “Jesus Price Superstar” this month, and it only further cements that Sean P is the most underrated rapper in the game. This dude should be huge.
10) Sean Price – Stop
I had to include two of his tracks since this was the one new album that I listened to the most in February. Use your head for more than a hat rack.
11) UGK (ft. Three Six Mafia) – Player’s Anthem
Hard lyrics over smooth, soul samples is a formula that almost always works for me. I think 07 will see the Houston step back on the scene. UGK’s album Underground Kingz
12) Slim Thug (ft. C. Ward & PJ Sir Daily) – Recognize a Playa
Another reason Houston is about to be back on top is Slim Thug. February saw the release of his weed carrier showcase album Boss Hogg Outlawz – “Serve & Collect”. It’s surprisingly good. Thugger is dropping a solo album this fall.
13) Lil’ Wayne – Got a Temper (Remix)
In honor of the Police reunion.
14) Kid Sister – Damn Girl (Curtis Vodka Remix)
You might remember Curtis Vodka from his cover of “Thriller” in last month’s installment. Something about his production just does it for me. If he rocked your party, it would indeed be a sweaty mess.
15) Curtis Vodka – Mary Jane
Not bad for some kid in a trailer park in Anchorage, Alaska.
16) Black Lips – Everybody’s Doing It
I imagine a Black Lips party would be a sweaty mess, too. I guess that’s why they thought it would be appropriate to release a live album from a show in Tijuana. Sloppy but fun.
17) Annuals – Ease My Mind
Raleigh’s own Annuals are a band getting a lot of hype. This is from their UK-only EP “Big Zeus”.
18) Arcade Fire – Intervention
I actually need to give “Neon Bible” some more listens. I think it needs to grow on me some…but this song is pretty nails.
19) TV on the Radio – Young Liars (Live)
AOL apparently has this thing called The Interface ( http://spinner.aol.com/artists/the-interface/archive), where they invite bands on to give an acoustic (or at least stripped down) performance, followed by an interview. You can download each show as one big MP3. I downloaded an MP3 splitter to get the TVOTR show into nice separate tracks.
20) TV on the Radio – Province (Live)
Another one from their Interface session. Given how dense their songs normally are, it’s cool to hear these stripped-down versions.
21) Jay Dee – This is Dilla’s World


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